14" LUCID® by LinenSpa Cashmere Covered Firm 5.3lb Ventilated Triple-Layer Memory Foam Mattress 25-Y

Hi thefussys,

I would echo bwomp’s thoughts (thanks bwomp :)) and it is certainly not a mattress that I would consider. You can read more of my thoughts about them in post #2 here and some of the links inside it.

I would put SilverRest in the same category. They are another memory foam mattress that uses Chinese memory foam that isn’t CertiPur certified and I personally wouldn’t consider them when there are so many better quality and/or less questionable mattresses available.

At the very least … and without even taking into account the knowledge and experience of the retailer I was buying from (and this to me is just as important a part of any mattress purchase as the mattress) … I would want to make sure that it met my minimum criteria for memory foam before I considered them as a legitimate option.