4.25" spacing between slats?

So the optimum space between slats is between 3"-4" and the main reason of not using a solid surface on top is because of moisture buildup? It is confusing because what I have been reading is that you don’t want spaces under the foam mattress as it will reduce the lifespan.

Hi RD400,

The ideal spacing would depend on the specifics of the mattress. With latex I would look for gaps that were no more than 3" (and less would be better) while for polyfoam support cores I would look for gaps that were no more than 5" (and again less would be better). There is also more about the different types of foundations or support systems that are generally best for different types of mattresses in the foundation post here.

A slat foundation that is suitable for the mattress you purchase won’t reduce the useful life of a mattress and the weakest link of a mattress is generally the quality/durability of the comfort layers in the mattress … not in the deeper parts of your sleeping system.

Slatted foundations can certainly help with airflow under a mattress and the reason for narrower gaps and/or stronger wood are to improve the strength of the foundation under a mattress so there isn’t any flex or sagging under the mattress.

While these are issues that you won’t find consensus in the industry … you can see my thoughts about the additional risk of a solid surface foundation in post #10 here.


So since Brooklyn Bedding’s Best Mattress Ever is latex throughout, what spacing would you recommend for slats? We were considering a platform bed with 3" slats, but based on the discussion here, I believe that would lead to sagging between the slats. Would 1.5-2" be sufficient?

Hi NaeBean,

The Brooklyn Bedding BestMattressEver is a latex/polyfoam hybrid that uses 2" of Talalay latex on top of 2" of synthetic continuous pour Dunlop latex on top of a 6" 2 lb polyfoam support core and it has a cover with a thin layer of polyfoam in the quilting so it doesn’t have latex from top to bottom and this would affect the type of support system that would be most suitable.

There is more about the different types of support systems that generally work best with different types of mattresses in post #1 here. There is also more about support systems that would be suitable for TheBestMattressEver (or other mattresses that use a similar support core) in this topic as well.

While 5" gaps between the slats would be the most I would consider … I would generally look for gaps that are about 4" or less and 3" would certainly be fine (even if the mattress had a latex support core) as long as there was a center beam with good center support to the floor.