a mattress for a heavy weight person

Hi izzy,

[quote]phoenix thx for replying I know at the end I will get the best mattress for myself thx to this site
phoenix lets portend that you weigh 400lb and you are a side and back sleeper what will you take for your self/ [/quote]

I truly don’t know what I would choose other than saying I would base my choice on PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) and in addition to this I would make sure that I chose the most durable version possible of the materials or components I preferred in all layers of the mattress (so that the odds were better that the original feel and performance of the mattress lasted for as long as possible after the initial break in and adjustment period). If I was choosing latex I would probably choose 12" of latex vs the more typical 8" - 9" (or sometimes less) but even this would depend on my testing and on the specifics of my body type (not all 400 lb people have the same body type) and my sleeping positions. If I was choosing memory foam I would choose higher densities (nothing less than 5 lb density) and if I was choosing an innerspring I would make sure it was “built like a tank” using lower gauge steel or other specs that indicate the innerspring has more steel (see this article and post #10 here) with appropriate and durable comfort layers above it. I think “theory at a distance” or mistaking personal preferences for “better or worse” choices is not a useful way to choose a mattress and either personal testing or if this isn’t possible with the materials you prefer then more detailed conversations with specific manufacturers or retailers is always the best way to make the best possible choices that would be “durable enough” for you.

I have no experience with how any specific mattress would feel and perform for me (as opposed to someone else) if I had a different body weight than I have so I really can’t answer this question based on any “theory” that has no personal reference point based on my own experience other than saying “make sure you use durable materials no matter which type of materials or combinations you prefer”.

My personal preferences (which apply only to me and nobody else) lean towards the “feel” of Talalay latex (my daughter for example doesn’t share my preferences and prefers Dunlop) and if I was heavier I would probably use firmer versions of the same material to accommodate and adapt to my greater weight unless my testing indicated that a higher body weight also changed my preferences. I would probably also consider Dunlop latex but not because latex of either type is necessarily “better” than other materials such as memory foam, high density or high resilience polyfoam, or innersprings with “lots of steel” (only each person can decide for themselves which materials are “better” than another based on their own criteria) but only because it’s my personal preference.