Allergy Problem

Hi nancymariec,

[quote] I’m going to wait for Parklane to market their foam-free latex mattress.

It is nearly impossible to find a mattress without some kind of foam in it. I’m glad I called Parklane this morning, and it will be worth the wait to get a pure and nonallergenic mattress. The salesman guessed that it will cost under $1,000.00. [/quote]

There is some information in post #4 here about mattresses that only contain natural fibers and an innerspring (no latex foam, memory foam, or polyfoam) but you are correct that almost all mattresses contain some of one of the three main types of foam materials and the ones that don’t can be very costly.

There is also much more information about organic, natural, chemical free, green, and “safe” materials in post #2 here and the other posts it links to that can help you decide which materials you are comfortable with having in your mattress and that can help answer your questions about “how safe is safe enough for me?”. These types of issues are complex and are generally specific to each person and their individual sensitivities and circumstances so their cause or the specific types of materials you are sensitive to can sometimes be very difficult to track down

They already make some latex mattresses that don’t use any polyfoam or memory foam but if they make an all latex mattress that is under $1000 (in queen) then it would certainly be a very good price and I’ll be very curious to see the details.