Any Bed in Box type Mattresses similar to Aireloom, King Koil, Sterns & Foster

Hi all. I have been looking at mattresses WAY too long now and I’m so afraid to pull the trigger on any of them. I love the idea of buying a “bed in a box” type mattress or one from Costco because of the amazing return policy. I’m worried about the quality, durability, comfort, and support though.
I’ve been to a few stores and I really liked the few mentioned above. I tried an Aireloom "Palladium Preferred Placer Luxetop Plush that I really liked, as well as a King Koil (Intimate Izabel Luxury Firm Euro Top) and The Sterns and Foster Hybrid (Pollock.??).
Of course these are all over 2K for a queen. Is there anything similar to any of these that is made with quality materials and durable for less money??
Thank you.
Also, stats if anyone is interested…I’m 5’5 135 lbs. and my husband is 6’1 at about 215. He has no trouble sleeping on just about anythings (as long as it doesn’t retain heat…he’s a hot sleeper), I am the one that needs lots of pressure relief and have aches and pains in my hips, shoulders, and lower back. I like the feel of a plush…softer mattress…but I definitely need support.

Winkbeds is a great made in the US mattress company. I love their MemoryLux airfoam models - they do not sleep hot and they are well made and give support and pressure relief! The Medium was amazing but I weigh a lot more than you - so I switched to the firm and it is still really nice! I am sincerely telling you - my year long search and trying out the Sterns and Foster, Beautyrest Black, Tempurpedic, UGH…Winkbeds is better quality and less money! They have a 300 dollars off now so Queen for like 1,299.00. I love my Queen Memory Lux. I would go with the Medium and I think you and tour husband will be happy!

Thank you!! I really appreciate your detailed reply. Winkbed was on my list so I will take another look at it. How long have you had yours and do you feel like you are still getting the support you need?

Hi. I am definitely getting the support from the Winkbeds Memory Lux Firm; with the medium which I had for 3 months I did not get enough lumbar support; with the Firm ( which feels like a nice Medium feel) I am definitely getting the support I need. It is so nice! I have been sleeping on it for around three months and rotating it every two weeks. They also have the best customer service of any company I have dealt with. Enjoy your mattress! The Queen is easy enough to set up with the two of you. Let it air out and fluff up for 8 hours or so. There wasn’t a lot of off gassing. Just can’t say enough about the comfort. The medium was heaven and I felt like I was being more in the bed- dreamy(still supportive overall but not in my lower back as much); but the firm, while I am sleeping more on top of the bed, is still so comfortable and then very supportive. The Beautyrest Black K class I bought at Medium feel for 3k plus was so terribly firm I thought I would need shoulder surgery if I slept on it any longer. There are other hybrid models in Winkbeds too - I would say the Luxury Firm would be good for you - but some of the reviews say it is too firm and so I stand by the Memory Lux Medium or Firm. Funny enough, it took longer for me to break in the Memory Lux Medium; but then after two weeks it was just so comfy. The firm model was just super nice Medium feel comfort right away. If you don’t have lower back issues I would say try the Medium… it has airfoam made by Winkbeds so it is not hot BUT it took me a couple days to settle in to “thinking” it was hot, but it really is not( I am like him - need breathable materials) . So, your husband should be fine with either model but it is important to give it a couple weeks and I think you will be happy. Let us know.