Anyone have experience or bought a Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful?

Hi Bashman,

[quote]As I mentioned I am considering the pure bliss beautiful . After searching on the forum, I noticed the pure bliss has a newer model out that has active fusion. I am not sure how different of a mattress it will be compared to the one without active fusion.
The dealer at the mattress store never mentioned about active fusion. I’m guessing he wants to sell his current inventory.[/quote]

The old model of the Beautiful has the layering in post #1 here and has a white cover. The new version has eliminated the bottom 1" layer of very firm latex, the middle layer has an extra inch, and the top layer is Talalay latex with a phase change gel in it (this is the active fusion fast response). They would have a similar feel.

Many retailers are selling the old version (again … with the white cover) for discounted prices so that they can change over to the new models. There have been some exceptional prices for these that have been reported by some of the forum members.

None of the PLB models use a quilted cover but many other latex mattresses do (and some of these are quilted with wool). The unquilted layer allows more of the feel of soft latex to come through (you are directly on the latex) while a quilted cover will slightly reduce the feel of the latex and add it’s own feel and properties to the mattress (depending on the quilting material). Part of the reason the PLB lineup feels the way it does is because of the strretch knit unquilted cover.

Most people really don’t need more than 8" or 9" of latex unless they are very heavy. One of the advantages of having a mattress which is a little too firm though is that you can add a soft topper which is replaceable. This type of component system allows you to replace the topper when it softens faster than the rest of the mattress without having to replace the entire mattress. Even in latex … softer layers will soften and wear faster than firmer materials.

There are probably quite a few ways to get there … at least approximately. As an example … a “base” mattress with a 6" talalay base layer with a 3" layer of 24 ILD for a comfort layer and then 3" of 19 ILD topper could be very similar. Another example of a forum member who used an eBay vendor who sells “seconds” to emulate the Beautiful is in this thread. This thread would probably also be of interest. If memory serves me right there was also a forum member who duplicated the Beautiful by buying all the layers from SLAB.

[quote]I was hoping to get some feedback on any pb beautiful but none so far. A few months ago mike949 bought a pbb from the same guy that I am looking into, but can not get a hold of him. I tried private message, but nothing.
He had mentioned in one of the posts that he bought the mattress for “well under 3000” just want to make sure I get a “good deal” [/quote]

You can see an example of an “old” Beautiful floor model here and another forum member who bought a Beautiful with very good value here. There’s another example of good value with another PLB 12" mattress here and another with the World’s Best Bed (also a 12" PLB mattress) here. There is a list of members of this site which sell online in post #21 here which I use as a “value reference”. If a local purchase for a similar mattress (similar amount of latex and cover for example even if the layering is different) is in the range of 20% more I would consider it to be good value.

In the forum posts about the Beautiful you will also see some members who have purchased it because it was very comfortable (pressure relieving) but because it was so soft they had some alignment issues and the back aches that come with this. Whenever you are looking at a mattress that is this soft on top it is very important to make sure you are in good alignment in all your sleeping positions and not just test for how “comfortable” the mattress is. It is very difficult to “fix” a mattress that is too soft and much easier to add some extra pressure relief to a mattress that is too firm.

Hope this helps