Atlantic Beds - 12" Insignia Adjustable Bed - Any reviews? Return Policy?

I have been browsing the Mattress Underground website for a few days. I am planning on buying a Prodigy 2 adjustable bed (king size) for my wife & I. Atlantic Beds has some great reviews on inexpensive Prodigy’s but I dont really see much with the mattresses or the Insignia line.

Its hard to pick a bed without ever sitting on it. I spoke to Michael from Atlantic beds who told me that the Insignia 12" bed is the most popular bed he sells. He said it is never compressed (good thing) for shipping.

He also said that the Mattress can be returned anytime within 90 days of purchase (no waiting period) for a full refund - not credit. The cost for a return is $100 (seems fair to me).

I am really unsure on what the bed would feel like & he couldnt really offer me any comparison for a competitor in my area in terms of feel.

I am a stomach, side, and back sleeper. My current bed has me sinking into it which is not great when on my stomach. I also have acid reflux so thats where the adjustable bed is interesting.

My wife said no to the twin beds (to make a king) so we are doing one solid mattress and will both have to agree on what position to keep the bed in (fine with me).

Any guidance would be helpful.


Hi richtj99,

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Atlantic Beds hasn’t been discussed too often here on the site, but that just indicates that fewer members have asked about them or have considered them (it’s not a pro or con issue). You may have come across this already, but the listing of site members also contains many sources for latex mattresses that I’m aware of that would also be worth considering.

When choosing something online, it’s important to deal with experienced, educated and helpful manufacturers who have the knowledge to guide you through the process and find something that they honestly think will fit your specific sleeping positions, somatotype, BMI and individual needs. Post #2 here and this topic have more about the pros and cons of a local vs an online purchase.

Whether or not a mattress is a “popular seller” wouldn’t be a reason that would dictate the appropriateness of an item for your specific demands, and I wouldn’t consider that an important fact to consider when making a purchase.

Atlantic Beds does make a couple of claims on their site that I don’t consider to be accurate. The first is about shipping a mattress compressed and you can see my thoughts about this in post #2 here. The second is about the benefits of component mattresses (usually with latex mattresses) vs glued layers and they indicate that component mattresses can have issues with layers shifting which isn’t normally the case (and is more about their marketing in their own self interest than reality). There is more about glued vs unglued layers in post #2 here and the post it links to. Post #2 here has some comments about them as well.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer complete details about the layers within the Insignia, only that is has 6" of “Smart Latex”, on top of two layers of polyfoam totaling 6". You’d want to know the type of latex (Dunlop or Talalay), the mixture (synthetic, natural or blended) and the ILD of that layer and if it is offered in multiple ILDs (softnesses). Then you’d want to learn of the thickness and density of the polyfoam layers beneath the latex. If you find out that information from them, feel free to post it back here and I’ll be happy to comment upon it for you.

“Smart latex” in the past was just a trade name for a mostly synthetic Dunlop latex made with a continuous pour process and manufactured by Mountaintop foam which made the Dunlop latex for Sealy and Stearns & Foster mattresses. It used inserts in the latex which create firmer and softer areas which is why they call it “smart”. While it’s still a good quality and durable material, it’s basically just synthetic Dunlop latex which is the lowest cost version of latex (which is still a good quality material). I’m not sure if what is contained in the Insignia is this same latex.

As for different sleeping positions, here is an article you might find interesting. The ability to incline the upper torso in an adjustable bed does provide relief for many suffering from GERD.

If you’re able to find out the information I mentioned previously and post back here, I’ll be happy to provide more commentary on what you’ve found.


So i finally made it out to Atlantic Beds last week with my wife. We had a chance to sit on the mattress. I liked it but I think i would like anything sort of firm for a few minutes at a time.

My wife doesnt care as long as I am happy (I have been ready for a new mattress for quite some time). She felt it was comfortable.

The adjustable bed was also neat & very comfortable.

I sat at the edge to see if it would compress (which it did).

How do you figure out what is ‘good’? It seemed comfortable - but what do I know after a 10-20 minute sitting on a bed?

The lack of info is the only thing holding me off for the moment. The price is good too.


Make sure to get the layers and foam density information (as Phoenix mentions). You can’t feel quality or durability - just initial comfort. AB makes their own mattresses, so they should be able to provide you that information. If not, you may want to consider other options.


So I have the following information:

Dunlop Latex
85% Natural, 15% Blend
ILD: 24-26

6" layers foam @ 2.2 pounds.

Does that help narrow this down? Thanks again for all the help & advice!

You’re still not specific with the layer ordering and thickness of each layer, but 2.2 lb polyurethane foam would tend to be a more durable material, and the Dunlop latex is also a better quality material.

Hi richtj99.

Thank you for providing the specs of the system. Based on those specs, the components you listed are good quality and durable.

As far as the short time testing in the showroom goes… this will certainly tell you much more than if you did not try it at all. You can read more about this topic in this articlewritten by one of our experts (Beducator). If you focused in your testing both on comfort on monitoring your alignment for neutrality, even though you did not spend an entire night on the mattress you still have sufficient clues to determine the likelihood of this being a good mattress for you. Along with this, I would also make sure that any mattress you are considering has a good return/exchange policy just in case that things do not turn out as well as you hoped for.

It is good to remember that the first “rule” of mattress shopping that you are the only one that can feel what you feel on a mattress and there are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved that are unique to each person to predict how this mattress or would be for you in terms of “comfort”, firmness, or PPP(Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and your own Personal preferences)or how the mattress will “feel” to you based on the specs that you are providing (either yours or a mattress), sleeping positions, health conditions, or “theory at a distance” that can possibly be more reliable than your own careful testing (hopefully using the testing guidelines in step 4 of the tutorial) or your own personal sleeping experience (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here ).remember that you are the only one that can feel what you feel on a mattress

Good luck!