Avocado too firm for me, Tempur-Pedic ok, what should I try next?

Hi all! I am in search a new king-sized mattress, and have tried the Avocado Green which was too firm for me. I am 5’6 and 120 lbs, and mostly side sleeper. My husband sleeps ok anywhere…I also tried Tempur-Pedic Adapt, and while I like how it contoured my body and the pressure relief was great, I think it would be too hot sleeping on it except in the winter. I also favor mattresses that are more transparent about the material, and would like to avoid foam if possible. Since Avocado did not work for me, should I assume that mattresses with similar configuration, such as the My Green Mattress, would not work for me as well? What can I try next? In general does all-latex feel even harder than latex-inner spring hybrid? Thank you so much for any advice or recommendation!!

Hi Vivien.

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No, I wouldn’t cut anyone out of the running. The feel will certainly be different between brands. I do think, however, that as you are a light-weight sleeper, you need to keep in mind that you will need a softer ILD of latex to adequately sink into your mattress. A medium-firm mattress may not give you the support and comfort you need as a side sleeper. The upside to latex is that it doesn’t sleep hot the way memory foam does.

On the contrary! Hybrids tend to sleep more firm than an all latex configuration. However, an innerspring hybrid will sleep a bit cooler than all-latex.

Are there any specifics mattresses you’re looking at that you need help evaluating?


Dear NikkiTMU,

Thank you so much for your reply! I was considering the all-latex spindle mattress, but when I called the company, Kim said that the all latex version would have LESS give than the innerspring-latex hybrid version, and said that if I were to try spindle, try the hybrid one. Given that the Avocado hybrid mattress did not work for me, I don’t know if I want to try another hybrid… Kim told me that latex gives a “sleeping on top” kind of feel, so I worry that I won’t have enough “sinking” or cushioning. I also considered the MyGreenMattress, but again the hybrid build looks similar to Avocado, that’s why I started asking here. What brand should I consider if I need a softer ILD of latex, or something with a topper? I think the spindle mattress doesn’t come with a topper.

Thank you soooo much again. I am in desperate need of advice and recommendations!

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Hi Wenwen,

Latex does give a sort of “lifted” feeling but when the ILD is very soft, you definitely will sink into it.

If you’re looking to avoid a hybrid, I’d suggest the Organic Latex bed by SleepEZ which lets you “build your own” and offers a custom build based on your weight and sleeping position.

If you’re still okay with a hybrid, I’d suggest the Sparrow Signature Hybrid from Nest Bedding. It’s a memory foam model that’s available in plush, medium, and firm and that uses Temperature Responsive Foam for those who worry about sleeping hot.

I’d also recommend looking at the GhostBed Luxe which they like to call “the coolest bed in the world” (pun intended :slight_smile: )

I hope this helps offer up some more direction.


Dear NikkiTMU,

Thank you so much for your suggestions! I got a SleepEZ all latex mattress last year and have been very happy about it! Just want to report back in case it is helpful for someone else.