Bed-In-A-Box Stagnation in Canada

Hi all, I’m on mattress 3 from bed-in-a-box land… I’m a side sleeper with shoulder issues, 130 lbs, and just really having a hard time finding the right solution. I live in Canada and while I might be willing to take an American mattress, it sucks to pay $250 or so for shipping, as some US companies require.

Inconveniently, I hate the feel of memory foam or anything too “grippy”. For example, while my partner loves the Endy, I just don’t like it. (She kept it - we sleep apart anyway.)

I first tried a Polysleep, not yet realizing I don’t like sinky foam. It worked well for relieving pressure points but was even more huggy and grippy than the Endy and I found it very hot. Definitely not the bed for me.

I then changed course towards hybrids and feel those are better candidates for me, but still no “right” mattress. I tried the Hamuq hybrid, followed by the Logan & Cove hybrid in medium plush, both of which I still have on trial. Hamuq trial is up in 3 weeks. Logan & Cove, I have another 2.5 months.

Here’s what I’m finding about these mattresses:

Hamuq: Pretty close to right for me: almost soft enough, definitely sleeps cool, and I love the feel of the top. But after only about 3 weeks, it began to sag or sink in the middle of the bed. It’s a Queen-sized and I sleep alone, so my bad for gravitating to the middle, but after just a few weeks, the body impression was pronounced enough that I’m finding it really hard to sleep on the sides in an effort to fix this problem. I feel the pull/roll and end up in the middle of the bed during the night. I’m concerned that if this is the situation after only a couple of months, it will get worse and ultimately the mattress won’t last very long.

Logan & Cove Hybrid Medium Plush: I find it very firm! I got it last week and only gave it 4 nights before switching back to the Hamuq (and was so hoping the Hamuq would feel great by comparison, but it wasn’t that awesome). I will put the Logan & Cove back into use and give it a good try, knowing these mattresses soften up a bit with use, but I feel it would need to soften up a lot for me to stop tossing and turning. I think as well that there may be zoned support going on, because my hip bone feels like it’s being pushed up too much.

I do end up on my back and stomach at times, but essentially I’m looking for a good side-sleeper mattress that isn’t memory foam, sleeps cool, and comes in under $1500 or so. In Canada. Is this too tall an order? I’m a bit frustrated at this point and hoping TMU community might have ideas. I don’t love that I’m doing two, and potentially three, returns during this process. I mean it’s not my intention to disregard these company’s profits and just endlessly try/reject mattresses.

For the record, if I had a bigger budget, I’d go for a bed with an organic wool topper and other natural materials, assuming one was comfortable for me. But so far those mattresses seem to be in the $2k to $4k range.

Thanks for any ideas!

Did you ever find something that worked for you??