bedding in different cultures - any validity?

Hi Phoenix,

Just thought I would chime in here. Just got back from Original Mattress Factory and Restwell. Was not as impressed with Original Mattress Factory nor their selection, but did rather like Restwell mattresses, which seemed to be higher quality and better selection. They are having a good sale on a mattress I liked, that is $650 for a mattress with box spring (and to be honest, $650 is about what my husband and I can afford for a mattress right now), but I am rather concerned about the quality that I am getting. One of my big issues is when I ask for densities, both OMF and Restwell told me me 1.8 lbs. I trained as an engineer, so I pressed the salesperson is that lbs per cubic foot or lbs per cubic inch?

“It’s pounds per square inch,” he assured me, but when I performed the calculation, 1.2 lbs per square inch that he related would be ~144 lbs per square foot…and that is also not a density, it’s a unit of pressure! (Force per unit area) Sorry that I am confused about what are the “default” units for mattress measurement. If you could clarify this for me, that would help.

I think I like innerspring from restwell better than memory foam I have tried anywhere else (also did not really the OMF latex) but I am confirming the specifications of the mattress my husband and I liked and am trying to keep quality in mind. We really don’t want to spend another $650-$700 two years down the line.

So far, in the mattress that we liked, I think that the polyfoam is 1.8 lb per (pending reply, square foot) on the top and bottom (again - have to confirm that this is a two-sided mattress, but I tried to make sure most of the ones I liked met this criteria) but there is a support polyfoam of 1.2 lbs per square (foot - again, pending reply) I think.

I found this that you wrote,

“Regular conventional polyfoam: This is the lowest grade of polyfoam and weighs less than 1.5 lbs per cubic foot. It is the least expensive and is not really suitable for use in a mattress at all … either as a soft comfort layer (unless it is in the range of around an inch or so or less in a quilting layer) or as a support material … unless the mattress is for occasional use or is meant to last a very short time. Mattresses with regular polyfoam in a support layer should be completely avoided for regular use as they will break down quickly and do not have the desireable qualities that are needed in a support layer.”

from here: Mattress comfort layers - Polyurethane foam - The Mattress Underground

so I’m thinking that if the mattress price seemed to good to be true, it probably is.

I am confirming the heights of each layer, to make sure that everything adds up to the stated mattress height.

Anyway, I also found this other article that you wrote:

It’s an article from about 3 years ago with a gentleman who has a similar budget to me, and you told him that his options for a good mattress in his price range, are sadly, not very good.

You steered him towards some mattresses from walmart, and I’m wondering if I should direct my search there?

I quite liked the Restwell mattresses, but until I can be sure the quality will hold up, I’m scared to commit.

Thanks for any input, Phoenix! (PS This is also my mom’s name in her native language, but when she came to the US her paperwork got messed up and now her name means Orchid. I wonder if you have a similar story for choosing your name?)