Berkeley Ergonomics (and FlybyNight Furniture in Northamptom, MA)

Hello again! I have been pleased with all that I have read about mattresses sold by Fly by Night Furniture in Northampton, MA. I believe they sell Berkeley Ergonomics. Not sure if I will end up with latex or memory foam… If anyone can comment on any of these areas, I would be most appreciative. Planning a trip (from Hartford, CT area) to Fly by Night on 4/23. Thanks!! Iris

Hi Iris Elaine,

Yes … they do sell BE along with Pure Latex Bliss, Gold Bond, and Ecosense memory foam mattresses as far as I know. As you can see in post #6 here … I think highly of them as well.

Memory foam and latex are very different from each other but the choice of one over the other would be a preference choice. There is a little more about how they compare in post #2 here but the best way to decide which one you tend to prefer would be with your own personal testing.

If you are going to Northampton anyway … the other two manufacturers on the Springfield / Northampton list would probably be worth a visit as well.


THANKS so very much! Totally impressed by your prompt responses… and based upon my MD cousin’s praise of you/The Mattress Underground - I am confident in your knowledge and expertise. Will keep you posted after my visits… Appreciatively, Iris

Hi Iris Elaine,

I’m looking forward to your feedback.


Hi, Phoenix - Thanks for your continued interest in my situation. Armed with pages of notes from this site, I went to Fly by Night in Northampton, MA (thanks to one of the links in the Forum). I was TOTALLY impressed by the sales rep, who has been with the store for 15 years. Vicki was knowledgeable and impressive - with NO pressure! She more-than-adequately answered any and all questions I had. I actually placed an order at the end of our 1-1/2 hour visit. Mattress is BERKELEY ERGONOMICS (favorably mentioned in one of TMU’s links). Model is the Firm Swedish Nordic - “800-coil Swedish-made hyper-compressed coil system base. Next a layer of pre-compressed X-Pocket carbon steel coils” - form for my husband’s side, soft for mine - “added to give a more responsive feel. The coils are topped with a one-inch layer of soft, natural TALALAY LATEX and ORGANIC STRETCH COTTON COVER LINED WITH WOOL.” So… went with latex over memory foam. Microcoils under the latex layer. Organic wool. Organic fabric for quilting/ticking. Actually bought a “sleep system” - We will get rid of our old box springs, to be replaced by a flexible slat system - which can be adjusted any time we want. I have pamphlets that explain it all.

The total cost was actually less than we had imagined: For Berkeley Ergonomics queen mattress, Berkeley slat system, organic mattress protector, delivery (we live about 50 minutes from the showroom) and assembly: $2869.

The only “problem” is that we will have to wait the four weeks for the mattress to be made - with an additional delivery time of one to two weeks.

Your site has been an INVALUABLE part of our search!! Your prompt replies, the way the site is organized, the many appropriate links, have been truly fantastic! If you want a testimonial, please call on me!!

Thanks so very much - and I will keep you posted after the ? one-month “break-in” period after we actually sleep on the mattress - to which we eagerly look forward!

With heartfelt appreciation,

Congrats on the great purchase. We just started carrying Berkeley Ergonomics in Canada and the product is very well made, I think you will be very happy with the system as a whole :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I certainly hope we will be pleased… :slight_smile:

Hi Iris Elaine,

I’ll add my “congratulations on your new mattress” to Daniel’s :slight_smile:

I also think you made a good quality and value choice and I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it.

Thanks for the great feedback … and the kind words as well!


Thanks, Phoenix. Will definitely keep you posted. Cannot put into words the high praise I have for you… and for The Mattress Underground as a whole. KUDOS! - Iris :slight_smile: