Berkeley Ergonomics - Charles P Rogers

Hi WJK59,

I would agree that this is somewhat on the costly side although it does have wool quilting which would increase the cost of a topper compared to a topper that only has a thinner fabric cover and it is significantly less than some of the wool quilted latex toppers listed here (some of which are more on the “outrageous” side).

While any type or blend of latex is a durable material … if you are considering any of their mattresses that use any other materials besides latex somewhere in the mix I would make sure that you can find out the information listed here to make sure there are no weak links in the mattress and to make more meaningful comparisons to other mattresses.

Other than that I think that my previous reply covered most of the pros and cons of each of the options you have available and I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding … or of course any other questions you may have.