Best recommendation for 4 year old?

Hi microstar22,

Post #2 here includes links to the better forum posts and topics about mattresses and children and includes links to many good sources as well (including the My Green Mattress Pure Echo).

While there is no such thing as a single “best bet” that someone can suggest for someone else because there are many good options and what is best for each person depends on their personal criteria and the parts of their personal value equation that are most important to them … I would certainly agree that the Pure Echo (either with or without latex) would be among the best choices for a child for those where natural materials are an important part of their choice (innersprings, natural wool, organic cotton, and 100% natural Talalay latex for the versions with latex) and who are looking for the breathability and other benefits of sleeping on a natural fiber/innerspring mattress. For the small extra cost, if that was my final choice, then I would also choose the two sided version as well because of the durability benefits of a two sided mattress (see post #3 here).

As you also probably know … I think very highly of Tim and My Green Mattress and they are a member of this site which means that I believe they compete well with the best in the industry and they would certainly make a great choice.