Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress Ever

See Phoenix’s reply to my previous post, in which he says a thicker pad may not help the mattress/bed feel softer.

We’re using the Sky cover from Amazon. We bought it as a thin, temporary (or maybe not) protector during our trial period It’s thin, so it does not change the feel of the mattress and it does not seem to make it hot. We’re pretty sensitive to products that make us warm in our sleep. This does not.

Seems like we have similar issues with the mattress. How long have you had yours? Ours is a medium, we wish it was softer. That said, it’s been two weeks and consistently seems to be getting softer, so we’re going to wait a bit longer before we jump to conclusions.

My thought right now is that if we need to go softer, we’ll exchange for the BME soft, rather than pay for and mess with toppers and/or pads that may or may not work, cost more and take time out of our busy lives. I can see that becoming an experimentation process and that’s not a road I’d prefer to travel.