Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress Ever

Hi worknman,

Thanks for the update … and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback about the soft version once you’ve received it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


Arrived yesterday, initial thoughts:

  • returned Tuft & Needle - poor edge support
  • returned Leesa - slept hot

Packaging - holes in carton, tape was off; mattress undamaged
Instructions - none that I could find
Smell - very little
Immediate feel - “ah…”, noticeably more comfortable than the other two
Edge Support - about the same as the Tuft & Needle; Leesa was much better

Width - 74.5"; I measured to straight edge, not where quilted cover starts to curve. Others have mentioned that it’s short (supposed to be 76".). 1. will it expand more with time? 2. will I get better edge support with the Firm?

Height - 11.25", the specs indicate 10", so I suppose it doesn’t account for the quilted cover. This is important as I want dogs to jump from as little as possible distance.

Hi yazfan,

Thanks for sharing your comments and feedback on mattress #3 … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

As you know you made a great quality/value choice but of course that’s only meaningful if you sleep well on it so hopefully the BME will be a better “match” for you in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP than your previous two mattresses.

Your mattress is about 1/2" out of spec in the width (see here) but it’s not unusual for a compressed mattress to take a few days to fully expand.

You will sink in less on a firm mattress than on a softer mattress so the edge would be firmer but the sleeping surface of the mattress would be firmer as well.

I’m looking forward to any additional updates you have the chance to share once you’ve spent a little more time sleeping on your mattress.


Hi Worknman,
I agree 100% that Mario is awesome (Customer service is priority). I want to mention that I am currently sleeping on a BME soft and loving it – 7 months now.
Before finding this site, latex and Brooklyn Bedding I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulders and back – I had to take pain killers every day but it didn’t help much. I am happy to report that this is just a bad memory as the pain is gone. The latex pillow and mattress from BB has been a blessing to me and greatly improved my quality of life.
Finally: Good luck to you and pleasant dreams,

Does anyone know why this mattress seems to run short? I have found that comment mentioned a few times, yet a standard Queen should measure close to 60x80. I’m concerned that the loss of 4" would be annoying. Thoughts?

Hi KarenJ168,

I think you may be mistaking width for length because none of their mattresses would be 4" out of spec. A “standard” king size mattress is 76" x 79.5" +/- 1" so the 74.5" width that was mentioned in the earlier post was referring to the width of the king size not the length (which would be the same for a king and a queen). A “standard” size for a queen would be 60" x 79.5" +/- 1". You can read the the ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) standard sizing for mattresses in post #2 here.

When mattresses are compressed it can sometimes take a few days to regain their full dimensions and this would be more common with king size mattresses than other sizes because they are “squished” in width before they are compressed and roll packed (see their video here).

BB did have some issues with a small number of their mattresses not expanding back to their full size over a year ago (see the end of post #115 here) but that was related to the gluing and compression process itself and only applied to a very small percentage of their mattress that were made over a short period of time (usually in king size) so it’s possible that you were reading some comments from that time. It has long since been resolved and the few customers that received one would have been able to exchange their mattress for a new one.

If for some reason you were to receive a mattress that was clearly “out of spec” then they would certainly look after the issue for you and of course they also have a 120 day return policy so if you are unhappy with your mattress for any reason then you can just return it for a refund.


very satisfied user for over 6 months now. exceeded expectations and quite a bit improvement from my old mattress purchased from physical store.

Hi vshah,

Thanks for letting us know what you ended up buying … and congratulations on your mattress as well :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear that you are happy 6 months after your purchase and with the quality and durability of the materials in the BME it would be reasonable to expect that you will be sleeping well for many years to come.


We bought the BestMattressEver about 5 months ago and positively adore it. We chose medium firmness, and I genuinely have zero regrets. So, the mattress itself is AMAZING. I will NEVER go back to any other mattress. The immediate response is fantastic when compared to memory foam. You don’t have that uncomfortable pause as you wait for the foam to conform to your body, its just instantly perfect in whatever position you take and no matter how many times you roll around. Also the “spring” this mattress has is wonderful. The craftsmanship is beautiful- its clearly well made. Thus far it has proven to be very durable as well- and we have two small children, a cat, and a coyote so durability is well tested with our family! As far as an adjustment period when we first got it- we had none. We didn’t experience any issues with that. In fact, the first week was probably the best sleep I’ve had in years and years lol. After getting used to the mattress I now sleep great every night. I experience less tossing and turning and get deeper sleep for longer periods of time. Its been fantabulous for back problems too. The company itself has been beyond amazing. Their customer service is second to none. They are quick to reply, friendly and knowledgeable. The shipping was very fast and it arrived undamaged. No complaints whatsoever. Hands down this is one of the smartest purchasing decisions we ever made. :cheer:

Hi Coyote,

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you decided to purchase and for sharing your comments and feedback … I appreciate it.

As you know I think you certainly made a great quality/value choice and it’s great to hear that you are so happy with your mattress as well :slight_smile:


I got the soft on Friday and have been sleeping on it a few nights. I thought it might be too soft, but it actually turned out to be a little firmer than I had hoped, so I guess I must like really soft mattresses :slight_smile: Strange thing about it is that it doesn’t really feel softer than the medium, even though I can tell it is. By that, I mean that I’d usually sink further into memory foam the softer it was, but with this, it’s like my body exerts less pressure on it such that I feel about 25lbs lighter, if that makes sense.

On a purely subjective level, I’d rate the soft at a 7 - 7.5/10. It definitely feels more comfortable than the medium and supports my back a bit better, but it’s not quite my ‘Goldilocks’ mattress. Then again, I’ve only had it for 3 days; the medium did soften up a tad after I slept on it for a couple of months, so I’m going to reserve my final verdict for this one until I’ve slept on it at least that long. As of now though, I will probably return the medium and keep the soft. I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep the soft over the long haul, or decide to play ‘mattress roulette’ at some point in the future …

Hi worknman,

Thanks for sharing another update … I appreciate it. It certainly sounds like you prefer mattresses that are much softer than average.

What you are describing is the “feel” of latex which is a much more buoyant and resilient material than memory foam even in softer versions and has a more “on the mattress” feel vs memory foam which has a more “in the mattress” feel.

Once again I’m looking forward to any additional updates you have the chance to share once you’ve slept on it for a little longer and had the chance to go through the initial break in and adjustment period and come to your “final verdict”.


So I’ve had my Brooklyn Bed Soft for about 9 months now. When I first slept on it I started getting lower back pain- though I powered through it since I read you body needs to get used to a different mattress. Sure enough I did get used to it. Towards the end of the return period I was unsure of whether I wanted to keep it, but ultimately decided it was good enough.

Since then I kind of have grown to dislike the mattress. The soft checks the box in that it does not generate pressure points on the shoulder/hip bones, but I’ve realized that since it has so much give my side tends to uncomfortably arch into the mattress. This gets exasperated when two people are on the mattress. It’s not awful- but it seems to have taught me to be more of a back sleeper.

To be honest not sure whether the mattress has softened up more over time since the 120 day trial period, or I’ve just gotten better at critiquing it.

In any case probably the takeaways here are probably to not keep a mattress you are borderline on, and probably err on the side of firmness- since it’s impossible to firm up a soft.

I’ve thought about contacting them about a possible switch, but would feel weird asking for any favors on a 9 month old mattress.

Hi matressshopper123,

[quote]Since then I kind of have grown to dislike the mattress. The soft checks the box in that it does not generate pressure points on the shoulder/hip bones, but I’ve realized that since it has so much give my side tends to uncomfortably arch into the mattress. This gets exasperated when two people are on the mattress. It’s not awful- but it seems to have taught me to be more of a back sleeper.

To be honest not sure whether the mattress has softened up more over time since the 120 day trial period, or I’ve just gotten better at critiquing it.

In any case probably the takeaways here are probably to not keep a mattress you are borderline on, and probably err on the side of firmness- since it’s impossible to firm up a soft.[/quote]

All mattresses will soften to some degree over time but if a mattress uses good quality and durable materials (which it does) then once you are past the initial break in period any further softening will be much more gradual over a longer period of time.

Outside of specific health conditions that would specifically indicate otherwise (such as fibromyalgia for example) … spinal alignment is the most important factor that determines the quality of your sleep and the ability of your body to rest and recover over the course of the night and if a mattress is too soft for your body type and sleeping positions then it can certainly compromise your alignment to different degrees.

If you choose a mattress that is well inside a suitable comfort/support range and isn’t close to the edge of being too soft when it is new then small amounts of very gradual foam softening wouldn’t make a meaningful difference because you would still be in a comfort/support range that would be suitable for you but if you choose a mattress that is “close to the edge” of being too soft when it’s new then even a relatively small amount of foam softening can put you outside of the comfort/support range that would be suitable for you (see post #2 here). Because of this if you are choosing between two mattresses that both seem to be suitable firmness choices then I would err on the side of choosing a mattress that is slightly firmer rather than slightly softer because as you mentioned you can always “fix” a mattress that is too firm by adding a softer topper but it’s much more difficult to “fix” a mattress that is too soft because you would generally need to remove and replace the layers that are too soft with firmer layers.

Thanks for taking the time to share an update and for reinforcing the importance of choosing a suitable firmness level that isn’t “too soft” as well.

There are also some suggestions that can sometimes help (at least to some degree) with a mattress that is too soft in post #2 here that may also be helpful.


We’ve had our king BME medium now for a few months. At first, we loved it, but after the first few weeks I started having some real shoulder pain through the night and in the morning. I started to think it was too firm for me, though my husband (who wanted a soft mattress to begin with was just fine). I contacted Brooklyn Bedding and they suggested a soft topper. They sent it out. I was skeptical because I don’t like anything about sleeping on memory foam. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not like memory foam, it has some pushback on it, and it’s springy. It did the trick. My husband is still happy, and my pain is gone. It made the mattress considerably softer, but still supportive. I was worried about sleeping hot, but that is not an issue either. The best part is that if I do decide I need a firmer bed, then the topper can be removed. It adds some flexibility.
Anyway, long post-short, if you are in between a soft and a medium, try the topper. It brings the mattress to the middle. After now having the topper on the bes for about a month, it’s perfect for us. Great company, great customer service, and great product.

Hi LizW,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and feedback … I appreciate it.

It’s great to see that everything worked out so well for both of you once you added the topper.


Their going all out for labor day. Your typical 5% off and 2 pilows but sheets too. Those sheets sound amazing but I just wanted to drop buy and say that I did soooooo many hours of research to find the right bed for me as I’m on social security and money is tight so I’m a price/performance master as I’ll spend many hours to get your random magnesium or vit b for example and it pays off, especially hitting forums because all sites with reviews are pure trash and with usenet/newsgroups pretty much dead these boards are the real place to get honest reviews with important big and expensive items especially with electronics. People got suckered in and bought LCD/LED TV’s because of review sites like amazon and people in stores like Best Buy recommending them because their so bright “torch mode” and it killed off plasma televisions which is so far superior it’s not even funny which I’m so mad and pray my 2012 60 inch will live a good life because OLED’s are finally coming to the market now and I just read today another company is jumping in the OLED market which is good because it’s going to take years for the price to go down to get a proper television if you don’t have a plasma currently. . It’s a same it’s so f’n hard now days to actually get proper info now with even every single web site and now youtube doing “reviews” but funny, they have a code that links it and they get a % and trust me it’s only getting worse. Sorry, I had to get that rant out of my system, but beds are the same deal. I did a lot of research in my price range and honestly this was a little bit higher with buying the slant too but after reading here and sleeplikethedead I think price wasn’t an issue for something that is life changing.

With a proper bed for the first time and learning about pillows and the proper way to actually use them I don’t know if I’ll do another test for sleep apnea again because I don’t wake up with a stuffy nose and feel like garbage. A lot probably has to do with quitting smoking at the same time also but instead of sleeping on very thing feather pillows to those latex ones my life has changed. I HATED those huge ass pillows at the start but I think many people said give it time and you’ll get used to it and it’s true and it’s great now.

A little pub for the bed as I can vouch for it and I love it when there’s a Serta sale linked to fatwallet or whatever people actually link this forum to get proper beds. I’ll cut this off because Mario is actually going to give me a call in a few minutes because I talked my 75 year old G’ma to getting one because of course she went to Slumberland and bought a Sealy I think possibly Simmons but anyways within 2 months the $500 shitty thing has the famous massive indent in it. We have to take pictures, send it to them, pay $30 for them to get it and then they’ll give us another probably same old shitty mattress but that will go into her guest room and she’ll use the Brooklyn.

Man, I just scanned it and it kind of looks like a typical fake Amazon review but I just wanted to give props as I wait for a call from Mario and I should do more positive reviews from items that are good because not a lot of people do leave good reviews but if they get something bad then it’s game on to bitch as everybody wants to do that now days on the internet. So I think I did my good deed for the day and maybe help some people who are on the fence purchase it because it’s the real deal. For me at least, for 15 years or so (34 currently) I sleped on your typical 30 year old crappy bed and never had a chance to sleep on something proper so if you’re coming from that end of the spectrum you may have a total different opinion than me however. I think they have a 120 day, return that they’ll pick up but I think you possibly have to buy a protective sheet too which sucks, not sure about that but you can find the info around here or there.

Sorry for the wall of text. I was going to end it when I got the call but I’ve been waiting and just typing away. Take it easy guys.

Hi ryanfred,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and experience and I’m glad the forum was able to help you.

As you know you are making a great quality/value choice … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback once you’ve received it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


I’ve had the medium for around 8? months or so but I had to call because my G’ma has a unique situation with being 76 now and over 300 pounds with horrible arthritis and basically bed ridden, which sucks because what she’s sleeping on is probably one of the main factors.

She’s basically in her bed all day so I was debating on the medium or soft for her. Mario said that obviously with her weight and soft it won’t last as long. People throw 8 years around a lot and Mario did too (without a topper) but honestly I doubt she’ll even make to that so comfort was the main thing and and I’m not familiar with soft mattress at all and durability isn’t an issue.

We decided to go with soft though and I think that’s the right choice. She can’t lift her shoulder up as it’s destroyed working in a factory her whole life and never got the surgery she needed and arthritis took over. With me, and honestly the only knock with the bed is sometimes my shoulders do hurt just a little bit but nothing that really bothers me that I never even thought of looking for a topper and I also need to break it in properly too because I think I flipped it only twice in 8 months probably. I need to re-read the forum, our I bet anything you know it off the top of your head on how I need to rotate the Brooklyn with you being obviously the biggest savant when it comes to mattresses :slight_smile:

I think I’ll give it a month or two or I can even do a bi-weekly update if people want on how she likes it. She is in a very low percentage tile when it comes to this however there are people that are in her position and there’s not a lot of info when it comes to her situation (very old/heavy/bed ridden/24 7 pain) but hey if it helps out just one person I’d feel great because I need a little karma to swing my way.

I’m also thinking if she doesn’t like the soft instead of bugging them to do the return deal we can just swap. I don’t have any indents or defects at all so far and I take it it’s just a tad softer compared to a new one but I really think soft is the way to go for her.

Hi ryanfred,

While it’s not possible to “diagnose” mattress comfort issues on a forum with any certainty because they can be very complex and there are too many unique unknowns, variables, and complexities involved that can affect how each person sleeps on a mattress in terms of “comfort”, firmness, and PPP or any “symptoms” they experience … there is more about the most common symptoms that people may experience when they sleep on a mattress and the most likely (although not the only) reasons for them in post #2 here (at least to the degree that any symptoms are the result of a mattress and not the result of any pre existing issues or circumstances).

While I can’t know for certain … it’s possible that your shoulder discomfort could be a pillow issue because one of the most common causes for neck and shoulder issues is the pillow you are using. A suitable pillow is an essential part of good alignment for the head and neck and upper body and can reduce some of the pressure on your shoulders because the gap between the head and the mattress and the curve of the cervical spine needs to be supported just like all other parts of the spine. Like mattresses … there are certain “needs” that depend on body type and sleeping positions but with pillows, personal preferences plays a more important role because the face is much more sensitive to textures, temperature, smells, and other more subjective “feel” based properties of a pillow. There is more about choosing pillows in the main pillow topic here.

Your mattress is one sided so it can’t be flipped but it can certainly be rotated (see post #2 here).

Each person’s experience on a mattress is unique and a mattress that is “perfect” for one person may not be suitable for someone else (even if their body type, sleeping positions, or individual circumstances are similar) so your G’ma’s experience may not be relevant to someone else but I’d certainly be interested in any updates about her experience you may have the chance to share. If you plan to provide regular updates for her rather than just one or two then I would suggest starting a new topic where you can post on a more regular basis about her experience so they are easier to follow and don’t get mixed up in a more general topic that is being used by many people.

Congratulations on your G’ma’s new mattress as well :slight_smile: