Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress Ever

[quote=“Phoenix” post=54227]Hi zexpress,

There are some comments about sizing variances in post #2 here that should be helpful.

It’s not unusual that a compressed mattress can take a few days to regain it’s full size especially if it uses higher density materials (see Brooklyn Bedding’s comments in post #72 here as well) so I would wait a little longer but if you have followed the suggestions in the post I linked and if for some reason your mattress is still out of spec then I would call Mario at Brooklyn Bedding (either at their main number 888.210.8751 or his number 480.323.8831) to let him know and he will be happy to help you.


Thanks, I am going to give it til Monday and will reach out to Mario if there are no changes. Honestly more concerning is that the 57x78 size is when I measure from the base foam, from the latex layers I am measuring an even smaller 55x77 but I will be patient as the bed sleeps well.