Building a mattress.

I’m looking for a 4" Sensus Plus memory foam topper, but I can’t find it anywhere on the internet.
Also, is there a key difference between Sensus Plus and Aerus Plus?
Are there different densities of Sensus Plus?
I can find Aerus Plus, maybe not the best price, but I can’t find the green Sensus plus.
I’m looking to get 3" of Sensus Plus, and a Soft Layer Of Organic Talalay from SleepEZ.
I can find cheap 7-8" zippered mattress covers on Ebay for like $50 for a queen though, that’s a steal in my book.

Hello El1itehax0r,

Thanks for reaching out to Luma Sleep through The Mattress Underground. We assume you mean that you cannot find a Sensus topper to purchase as the product is listed on the internet in many places. This is most likely due to the manufacturing source of the material coming from China. In addition to tariffs, China is being hit with anti-dumping legislation when it comes to foam/memory foam/mattresses. Federal Register :: Mattresses From China; Scheduling of the Final Phase of an Antidumping Duty Investigation
Aerus is made by FXI in the US
It’s a better alternative for many reasons.

Good Luck,

Team Luma