cheaper latex mattresses

Hi jared,

These are all the same mattresses (the Boyd Natural Flex 933) and I would be aware that “engineered latex” isn’t latex at all but polyfoam that has been “engineered” with various cutouts and surface modifications to “feel” somewhat like latex. I believe this is a very misleading description of this material and there are may people who will buy it believing that it’s some kind of latex when it’s actually a much lower quality and less durable material.

I would also want to know the blend of the Dunlop latex (synthetic Dunlop is much less costly than natural Dunlop and doesn’t have the same feel and performance) and the density of the polyfoam layers before I considered these. The information you need to assess a mattress and identify any weak links is in post #4 here. Boyd sells a lot of “cheap” mattresses with material names that make them sound like they are higher quality than they are although they also sell some higher quality mattresses that use “real” latex in thicker layers as well.

The second description includes the density of the polyfoam layers but I would want to confirm them with Boyd and also make sure that both of them were authorized dealers to make sure you aren’t considering a used or returned mattress. The 4" of 1.6 lb polyfoam is also on the low side for a one sided mattress and could be a potential weak link in the mattress in terms of durability although it’s in a low enough budget range that durability may not be as important to you.

The third ebay mattress you linked is also the same mattress but is mislisted as being in the Boyd flotation (waterbed) series. I would also want to know that they were authorized dealers as this type of mislisting may indicate that they know little about the mattresses they are selling and it could also be a used or returned mattress.

They have told me that their latex is OekoTex certified and that their foams are made in China by a CertiPur certified foam manufacturer but they aren’t listed on the CertiPur site here.

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Post #6 here about mattresses that are sourced in China or Asia may also be worth reading.

A forum search on Boyd (you can just click this) will bring up more information and feedback about them. I would be cautious about these and while they are probably better “value” than many mainstream mattresses … I would make some careful value comparisons with some of the other mattresses that are available to you. I would also be cautious because when you are making an online purchase that you can’t test ahead of time and can’t be customized then it’s important to have a more detailed conversation or chat with a knowledgeable and experienced retailer or manufacturer that has your best interests at heart (rather than just being interested in “making the sale”) about whether a mattress has a good chance of being a good “match” for you in terms of PPP because if it turns out that it isn’t suitable for you to sleep on then no matter how much the mattress costs it would have little value to you and the return policy may also become one of the most important parts of your personal value equation.