Comparison: Prana MoonPlush v. BeautyRest Nighttime Galaxy Ultimate Plush

Hi Thaddeus,

You’re welcome! And I’m happy that I inspired you to do some extra research – that’s the goal!

Gardner Mattress is a member of this site which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe that they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a mattress from them.

I don’t see a listing for this item on their web site, but I’m assuming it’s a version of their Nature’s Soft mattress, just with a different amount of wool being added, or perhaps an increase in the number/tightness of the tufting. This product would use higher quality materials.

Wool is a great material that is a strong preference for some people and there are certainly some good benefits to sleeping on wool. It will be different and firmer than sleeping on a soft foam material (and it will also get a little firmer as it compresses over time). An “old fashioned” two sided tufted innerspring mattress with natural fiber comfort layers would certainly be a very durable choice but it will also tend to be firmer than most mattresses that use foam materials in the comfort layers and natural fibers will tend to become firmer over time as they compress and pack down to some degree while foam layers will tend to become softer (particularly under the heavier parts of the body) over time. Some of the comments in post #4 here and post #2 here may be worth reading as well.

The complete specifications are not listed on their web site for this item, and there are variations that can be had. It does list the memory foam as 4 lb, which meets the minimum I would recommend for a two-sided product. This certainly would have a different feel from an all-wool mattress.

Aside from the basic comments I’ve added here, your best resource for comparisons of durability to help manage your performance expectations would be a more detailed conversation with Gardner. And of course, your own personal testing! While I can’t comment completely about the Visco Pocket Coil until I know all of the layers inside, it appears as if you’re certainly considering items of a high quality.

I’ll be interested to learn of any decisions you make or future questions,