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As of July 1, 2023. We welcome DLX Mattress (DLX) to the Mattress Underground Community.


About DLX Mattress ~ Knowledge & Experience
DLX is a division of Jamestown Mattress, which was established in 1886 by W.I. Blystone Mattress, and acquired by the Pullan Family in 1981, They began with three employees and five product lines, growing to become one of the largest independent mattress manufacturers with 38 employees, 40 product lines, and eight retail stores in Pennsylvania and New York. They have also grown to become a highly trusted wholesale supplier.

Family is integral to the success of DLX Mattress. The Pullan family - Jim Jr., Steve, Bruce, Pam, Lori, Ashley, Aaron, and Jeanette - are invested in the daily operations of the company, ensuring their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains intact. DLX has gathered a strong, committed team who stand behind every mattress they sell, offering excellent value in polyfoam hybrid sleep solutions.

DLX focuses on customized hand-made 1 and 2-sided hybrid polyurethane mattresses. Their commitment to quality, and transparency in construction, specifications, and materials mesh closely with the values of the TMU community. TMU founders have known the Pullan family for over a decade and have had many long conversations on quality and design.


DLX Products & designs
With a 100-night risk-free trial during which they work with the customer to ensure the proper comfort and support offering:

TMU Consumer Discount:
Discount: Additional $100 Off any mattress / any size | Discount Code: Phoenix
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Note: All discounts offered to TMU consumer members are equal or higher to any other DLX discounts offered through their site or anywhere else on the internet.

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Hello Phoenix and The Mattress Underground community!

Your warm welcome is greatly appreciated. We, at DLX Mattress, are both excited and humbled to be part of such an esteemed group. We’ve always admired your tireless dedication to improving the mattress industry and fostering a community built on knowledge. The commitment to quality, honesty, and customer-first approach of this community has always resonated with our values.

We don’t take the responsibility of being a trusted member lightly. We’re here not only to uphold the high standards of this community, but to continually strive for betterment. We’re looking forward to engaging in the conversations, learning, and most importantly, listening to what the members have to say.

For us, it’s never just been about selling mattresses. It’s about helping each individual find a good sleep solution for their unique needs. And while we’re proud of our DLX Mattresses, we fully recognize they might not be for everyone. We’re okay with that. In fact, we’re more than happy to lend our expertise to guide anyone on their journey to better sleep, irrespective of the brand they choose.

Thank you once again for your trust and acceptance. We look forward to contributing to and learning from this enriching platform.

Best Regards,
The DLX Mattress Team

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