Does this Talalay Latex mattress seem to be a good mattress


I am shopping for a King Latex mattress and came across this too good to be true kind of latex mattress ad in ebay
A king 3 layer all natual talalay mattress for $1150 and free shipping. I did some research and found out that these folks do have a conventional mattress store in California and operates with a ebay storefront name “latexusa”

If this above listing expires in eaby just search for “latex mattress” in ebay and you should see a listing from the seller “latex usa” selling 3X3" = 9" all natural talalay matteress

Also they have a website called

The mattress will come with 3 different TALALUX Talalay Latex Layers in different Density and ILD .


Our Latex Mattress is manufactured in the USA resulting in a high quality, supportive and comfortable latex topper.

Hi get2venkat,

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You can see some of the comments and discussions about latexusa in post #3 here, in this thread, and in this thread.

It seems clear that they are selling Latexco products and that some of their listings have been inaccurate. If they are selling first quality new products (not returns or seconds) and their listings are accurate … they could represent good value.


Thanks Phoenix for the threads. Learnt a lot on the latexusa ebay seller and decided to not to go with them as my risk tolerance is less. Now I caught on to a seller on Amazon “Dream foam” bedding who is selling mattresses with 3’’ talalay latex and 6’’ poly core. He has some very good feedback in amazon but so does the latexusa guy on ebay…I do understand that this amazon seller operate under Brooklyn Bedding and do sell fll latex core mattress but obviously the price is doubled as that of what they are selliing on Amazon with poly core (Around $750 with ply core and around $1500 with latex core both with 3’’ talalay comfort layer for a KING mattress)

Can you please advise on how important it is to have a latex core? as compared to having a poly 6’’ core, in terms of comfort and durability

Also, can you please share your view on temperpedic (not just regular memory foam) compared to latex. It kind of sinks too much and learnt that it sleeps hot so kind of skipped it and moved to latex but started to think if that was a right assesment

Hi get2venkat,

Dreamfoam (AKA Brooklyn bedding) is one of the members of this site which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe they are among the best of the best in the country. They are fully transparent about the materials they use, knowledgeable about mattresses and materials, and have great quality and value.

They are also an actual mattress manufacturer who does more than just assemble mattresses and like many of the members here are known by other manufacturers and people I respect in the industry.

Latex is a higher performance material than polyfoam (not just more durable) and much more costly as well and an all latex mattress will carry a significantly higher price than a latex/polyfoam hybrid… Post #2 here and the other posts it links to talk about the differences between an all latex mattress and a latex polyfoam hybrid and may help you decide whether the differences and the cost tradeoff is worth it to you. In the end only your own experience (and perhaps local testing on both types of mattress so you can feel the differences for yourself) can help you know for certain. It would depend completely on what was most important to you and on your own personal “value equation”.

Tempurpedic is just “regular” memory foam and my thoughts about their materials are the same as any other memory foam of the same quality and density. Different versions of memory foam will also have different properties as well and you can also read more about this in post #8 here as well as post #9 here. Of course Tempurpedic like most major manufacturers has poor value but at least many of their mattresses (but not all) use good quality materials. You can see my thoughts about the pros and cons of memory foam (incuding Tempurpedic) in this article and the pros and cons of latex in this article. They are very different materials and the choice between memory foam and latex is very much another personal preference and should be based on your experience in testing good quality versions of both to see which you prefer. You can also see more of my thoughts about Tempurpedic in post #2 here.


Thanks phoenix. I am leaning towards a full latex mattress but want to try out both kind of beds, with oly core and latex core. Now the problem is locating stores which carry them. Last week I went to a mattress firm and sleep experts and other than some junk like sterns and fosters, they dont have anything latex.

In one of your posts I see that you found some locations for a person from midliand TX so that he can go and try them out. Is there a database of these latex shops or was it just a agoogle search. I am trying to find dealers/manufactures around Plano TX, which is a suburb of dallas

Hi get2venkat,

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The better options in the Dallas/Ft Worth area I’m aware of (including one of our members) are listed in post #4 here.

I do have a database yes which is the result of several years and thousands of hours of research, conversations, and sources of many types (including google of course).

It is constantly growing and being updated and refined (by myself and forum member feedback) and I list the site members, local manufacturers, and other better possibilities I’m aware of in dozens of posts around the forum that are lists for most of the major (and many smaller) cities surrounding areas in North America.

A forum search on the closest city will usually bring them up but I’m also happy to point to them or the most recent list for the area for those who ask.