Dons Mattress? Hastens ?

Hi amatrine,

I know…some of the all-natural mattresses can have a quite a high price tag! :ohmy:

I can’t speak to the exact materials within both the Hastens and Don’s Mattress. Hastens does use some very unique materials sourced from very specific regions/suppliers, which is expected when dealing with products like this in the “ultra-premium” category. Even their Bonnell springs are sourced in Sweden. They do also have some unique features such as the side stitching of their products. You’d have to reply upon the information from Don’s about their specific mattress, as they are incomplete with details on their site.

Hastens is manufactured as a system, and with so many natural fibers they are very specific with instructions for rotation, and even periodic “massaging” of their mattresses.

I believe the Lenoria and the Novoria are the only two Hastens models that can be used with a power foundation. Bending a mattress up and down can place more concentrated mass in a specific area, and added to the extra mechanical stress of bending can shorten the comfort life of some mattresses. I would defer to the guidance of any particular manufacturer you’re considering for their expected comfort life for their products on a power foundation versus being used in a flat bed situation, if they feel there is such a difference.

This would all be part of your own personal value equation when figuring things out, as well as the level of comfort you’d have of an item you can test out in a showroom versus one that might be unknown in comfort and crafted to “match” a specification.

They’ve only been mentioned a few times on the forum, and are a very small family company making “old-school” mattress since 1919. Maybe someone here on the forum has purchased one and can tell you a bit about their experience.

The Luxuria is two-sided and uses a 500g/m2 pure cotton and wool mix, then a horsehair tail and cattle hair mix, then a 1000g/m2 pure cotton/wool mix, and then a Swedish Bonnell spring unit. If you’re wanting to place the item on an adjustable bed base, then the Luxuria would be out of the running, and you’d have to choose either the Lenoria or the Novoria, I believe.

If you’re interested in considering other items not using foams, you may wish to look at this thread, which has a listing of some similar items to what you’re considering. While not a complete list, it does offer some alternatives.