Dunlop vs Talalay ILD

Hi Phoenix,

Hoping you can help clarify my understanding of ILD. Specifically I am looking to know if the feel for a Dunlop 24 ILD would the be same as a blended Talalay 24 ILD. I ask because my current mattress is slightly too firm for me and I have a 3 inch Dunlop 24 ILD in the comfort layer. I am a side sleeper and I am tossing due to the firmness on my arms and shoulders. Support wise, I feel I have the proper alignment. Due to this I am looking to replace my current 3 inch Dunlop 24 ILD with a 3 inch Talalay 19 ILD.

Can you confirm if I am going about this the right way and whether or not the ILD are the same for dunlop and blended talalay? I am looking for some perspective on how best to approach this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi we4321,

There is more information about how Dunlop ILD compares to Talalay ILD in post #6 here but in general Dunlop that is the same ILD as a Talalay layer that is the same thickness will feel firmer for most people. It also has a different “feel” and response (see post #7 here). Normally the choice between the two types of latex would be based on personal preference.

If your Dunlop top layer is too firm then replacing it with a softer ILD in either Talalay or Dunlop would normally be a good solution. A 19 ILD Talalay layer will probably be closer to a two increment difference in softness (24 ILD Talalay would be more of a 1 increment difference) while a Dunlop layer in the upper teens (ILD’s are less accurate with Dunlop) would be more of a one increment difference in softness.


Thanks for the explanation and link. Exactly what I was looking for