Durable latex option for B and B bed

Hi MrsTiki,

This is usually a sign of exposure to ozone or ultraviolet light (air and sunshine) … both of which can degrade latex more rapidly and is usually the result of a cover that is too thin or otherwise unsuitable. There can be other causes as well such as exposure to certain solvents or heavy metals or even poor manufacturing or formulation.

The better online options I know of are the members here who sell online that are listed in post #21 here. Many of them sell latex mattresses and have different types of latex, firmness levels, exchange policies, designs, and costs available. I would look at their websites and then talk to the ones that most interest you or have the benefits and features that are most important to you and are the best “fit” for your personal value equation. They are all among the best value in the country although for many different reasons.

You’ve probably seen this but links to some of the better options in Oahu I’m aware of and feedback from some of the members here are listed in post #2 here which may be helpful with local testing that can be a useful guideline for an online choice.