ebay 14.5" 7lb hd mattress

Hi Dr.Will,

Is this the one you mean?

If it is … then post #19 here may be of interest to you. They had a mattress listed previously that used similar materials but the name of the manufacturer that was in the listing (Easy Rest) didn’t make 7 lb gel foam. It appears though that the “gel” in this mattress is in the quilting (meaning it is probably outlast) rather than the foam which means that the description could be accurate. Assuming that the specs are accurate and it really is made by Therapedic using American or CertiPur certified foam … then it would be good value (although I would want to know the density of the polyfoam layers under the memory foam).

It really boils down to “do you trust the description of the vendor”.

The comparison between this mattress and the Ultimate Dreams is really apples to oranges because of the differences between memory foam and talalay latex. High density memory foam and Talalay latex are both high quality materials but will feel and perform very differently. Latex will be more durable as well although higher density memory foam is also a durable material.