Feedback on Green Sleep

I am looking for some consumer reviews of Green Sleep beds, in particular the Dolchezza system. I tested it this weekend and loved it, but the price is a bit scary! I would like to hear from both owners of this bed and from those who looked at it, loved it, and bought something else. Please tell me about why you made the desion you made, when you bought, and how you feel about it now. Also, I note that neither Green Sleep nor Sleeptek are manufactuer members. Pheonix, is this because the haven‘t been invited, oer because they have declined membership? Thanks!

Hi lauraf,

A forum search on Greensleep and on Dolcezza specifically (you can just click these) will bring up more information and feedback about both of them. Both of them are very high quality mattresses with good designs that use high quality and durable materials and components.

In terms of “material value” … both Greensleep and Sleeptek are in the more premium end of the budget range compared to other mattresses that use similar materials but value has many components and each person has their own personal value equation which is all the objective, subjective, and intangible factors that are the most important part of any mattress purchase. The suitability of a mattress in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences), the quality of the materials and components (including the cover and quilting which can be a significant part of the cost of a mattress), the ability to customize a mattress before and after a purchase, along with the knowledge and service of the retailer you are purchasing from are all important parts of value and for many people price is less of an issue than the many other parts of “value”. The goal is always to make meaningful comparisons based on the criteria that are most important to you.

Both GreenSleep and Sleeptek are wholesale manufacturers and at this stage of the sites development membership is only available to retailers or factory direct manufacturers. At some point down the road there may be a type of membership available that allows wholesale manufacturers to become members as well but for now it’s limited to manufacturers or retailers that sell directly to consumers.

There are also dozens of manufacturers and retailers that I think highly of but are not yet members and are identified in the various lists throughout the forum. Membership is generally a side effect of my ongoing conversations with retailers and manufacturers and I don’t actively “seek” new members. In other words the process is more “organic”. In most cases I wait for them to ask and some of them haven’t even been to the site enough to realize that membership is even an option. In some cases I have talked with them for several years and the idea hasn’t even been discussed. I have known one of the newest members that will be added in the coming week for example ( Calgary, Edmonton & Sherwood Park Mattress Stores | Mattress & Sleep Co. ) that sells both Greensleep and Sleeptek for over three years since before the site even started and talk with them frequently but more specific conversations about them becoming a member here have only been more recent. There is more about how the members are added in this article and in post #5 here. There are a number of new members that will be added in the next few weeks as the membership has been “on hold” somewhat until I finished a few related projects that I have been working on in the background before I started with the next phases of the site’s development. Membership only recognizes the quality, service, and value that already exists and there are many great options that are listed in many of the lists across the country that may not be a member for years or in some cases may not even realize that a site called The Mattress Underground exists (although that’s unlikely if people found them through the forum lists).

My goal in other words has always been to point to value wherever I find it regardless of membership and let the membership be a side effect of ongoing conversations that looks after itself as more manufacturers and retailers become more aware of the goals and ideals of the site.


Hi lauraf;

Myself and my wife purchased 2 Green Sleep beds (a king bed, and a twin xl).

We got both beds in the Green Sleep Vicence, which is very similar to the Dolcezza, except without the integrated topper the Dolcezza has and slightly different layering choices. We also looked at some SleepTek.

We also got Green Sleep S-200 foundations for both beds, and the Green Sleep Vasilo mattress protector.

We bought through TMASC ( - we’re lucky enough to be in calgary so we went into their retail store here.

We certainly like the bed! It is a premium purchase…but we feel it worth it, and would do again. I also posted on this forum my shopping experience at TMASC, which was absolutely wonderful… searching the forum for tmasc should find it.

Let me know if you’d like any more information in particular.

dn, thanks fo your reply :slight_smile: . I too was in the Calgary tmasc store…excellent, knowlegable staff, for sure. I would recommend them even if it turns out I don’t buy from them. It was of course the Dolchezza I tried…oddly, I found it softr than the soft-soft Sleeptek, and I loved it, of course…the price is a bit shocking, but then again, it’s less than a buck a day over the life of the bed…If I was buying for 2 it would be a no-brainer, but we sleep in separate rooms, so we are buying 2 beds…I talked to Cozypure today, really love the whole package there. We are going to the Essentia store next week, will post my decision after that trip. Thanks again!

Phoenix, thanks for your reply and all the wonderful information on the site! Greatly appreciated, and I will be sharing with family and freinds.

Hi lauraf,

Before you seriously consider Essentia or believe the claims they make I would read this thread and this thread and post #3 and #4 here.