Fell in love with Calla latex hybrid, looking for a configurable option

Hi Phoenix and everyone, after much thorough research on this site and chats with trusted experts, I have abandoned my original memory foam mattress hunt and now looking for a reconfigurable zipped up option. We are leaning either SleepEz or DIY from LMF/others.

Here are our stats: https://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/diy-mattress-close-to-hd-foam-and-nectar

Previously, the only missing thing in my research was actually laying on a latex/hybrid bed! We had a 1.5" latex topper before but it was a bit too firm I think. I had a few concerns about latex: I was afraid I wouldn’t like the quilted wool layer as I usually prefer the direct feel of latex/foam and thought I might prefer an unquilted cover. I was also afraid it wouldn’t be plush enough compared to memory foam.

So today I went to a local mattress shop and was able to try out a 10" Calla latex hybrid made by Brooklyn Bedding. From the specs it looks like a wholesale version of their Bloom hybrid - quilted cotton joma wool knit over 1.5" of talalay echo foam latex (Is this blended?), a thin 1" transition layer, 6" of coils and another 1" of foam.


Surprise surprise I found the organic cotton knit with wool over the 1.5" talalay incredible comfortable!! The knit was sooo soft, the wool and the talalay layers together is the perfect amount of plushy pressure relief. I was alone so I don’t know what the motion isolation is like but I’ll bring hubs back to try. Well this proves what we think we will like isn’t what we actually will when we try it! I was so sure I would prefer unquilted.

So my qs:

:: Can anyone confirm that the 1.5" talalay is 19 ILD, the sales lady gave me the # but she wasn’t very knowledgeable about latex and she was also looking up a bunch of other models too so I just want to be sure.
:: What is talalay echo foam latex? Is it blended? Google says it’s like recycled latex. Will 100% pure talalay in the same ILD feel the same?
::We would prefer a latex mattress that would allow us to unzip cover and swap/replace layers, as well as have it be split king. Would an all-latex be a good sub for the hybrid system in the Calla?
:: SleepEz recommends (before I tried Calla) 2" of soft 19# talalay over 3" medium Dunlop and 3" firm Dunlop. Do you think it would feel similar to the Calla?
::Will the top cotton knit quilted wool of the Calla be similar in a SleepEz mattress? I really love how it feels.
:: Phoenix recommends that we should be careful at DIY. The King Calla hybrid at local store is $1200 but it is neither split nor reconfigurable or returnable. A comparable all-latex configurable version will run us about $1500-$1600 DIY through LMF/others and $1800 through SleepEZ pre-built. Difference being warranty and better return/exchange options for pre-built. Mind you our original budget was $1000, I’m not even sure hubs would approve of the stretch yet!! Thoughts about which is a better option long term?

I’m so excited that I actually managed to test out a latex comfort layer in the configuration I was leaning towards. Now to get the support layers right! Oh and hubs onboard.

Any guidance much appreciated!!


I can provide a bit of information regarding a few of your questions.

Talalay Echo:
You can read here a little bit about this product. Latex trimmings are ground into a powder and mixed with new latex during the formation process (it’s used like a filler). It’s promoted as a more cost-effective style of Talalay latex, and also Talalay Global can talk about how they are sending less scrap latex to the landfill. I’m not familiar with any data about durability differences between the Echo and the normal blended Talalay that TG produces.

Calla Hybrid:
You mention how you like the quilt of that mattress quite a bit, and I agree it is a comfortable quilt panel. The last time I checked that quilt panel used ticking with organic cotton, about .25" of JOMA wool, and 1.5" of polyfoam. I didn’t confirm the spec the last time I was at market, as I no longer offer the Calla, so there may be a slight change of which I am unaware. Adding the polyfoam to the quilt provides a bit more of softness than quilting to a thicker layer of wool alone.