Finding Latex in East Texas

Hi adam61,

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Tyler area are listed in post #2 here.

I know that Denver Mattress makes the iChoice which is mostly latex (and the comfort layers are latex) and some of the others may also carry mattresses that use meaningful layers of latex in the comfort layers as well (without too much other material on top of it to mask the feel of the latex).

The forum list for Dallas is in post #4 here, for Houston is in post #2 here, and for Shreveport is in post #4 here.

I don’t think you will need to because there are some local options closer to you. If you talk with one of the more distant manufacturers on the phone and they appear to have specific mattresses that you are very interested in testing and possibly buying then I would certainly consider it but of course that would really be up to you. While testing latex locally may not give you a good approximation of another latex mattress with a different design … it would at least give you a sense of the “feel” of latex and if you did decide to order online then it would be a matter of choosing your initial layering and firmness options based on a more detailed conversation with an online manufacturer you are considering (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here). If you choose a design that offers layer exchanges then you can use your actual experience on the mattress to decide if you need to make an exchange to make it firmer or softer if your initial choice isn’t ideal for you.

I’m not sure of the dimensions of your current bedframe but one of the 14" wire grid type steel bedframes in the foundation post here may fit inside it. You may also be able to attach your current headboard and footboard to a heavy duty metal frame (see post #10 here for some manufacturer sites) that can be used under a suitable foundation and a heavy latex mattress.

It would be important that your bedframe regardless of what type you use has good center support to the floor that won’t sag over time. You may be able to use something like one of these or even stronger something like this to beef up your current bedframe so it would support a suitable foundation and a heavy latex mattress.