foundation question

Hi uniden009,

Normally the “best” foundation for a latex mattress is one without any “spring” at all and has a non flex rigid surface. This lets the latex do the work of compressing rather than the foundation which is part of why it excels. Spring mattresses generally need a foundation with some flex to act as a shock absorber for sudden movement and help lengthen the life of the springs but with latex this is mostly unnecessary and even undesirable. The only exceptions to this would be thinner mattresses where an “active” foundation or tension adjustable slats are part of the design of the mattress.

Post #2 here has more information about active boxsprings vs rigid foundations and this thread has more detailed information about foundation options that are suitable for latex mattresses including links to some low cost and higher quality frame/foundation options that are very similar in concept to the one you mentioned.

The one you linked is certainly strong but the only “down side” is that it has a polypropylene deck without any slats which would lower the ventilation of a latex mattress. While the risk of this is low (more moisture in the mattress which increases the chance for mold, mildew, and dust mites) … it would still not be my preference to have a solid surface unless there were other reasons that made a solid surface the only option (such as wanting an adjustable bed). My preference for this type of foundation/frame combination with storage underneath would be one of the wire 'grid" types that the foundation thread talks about (with 11 wires) which has a very similar function … can hold in the range of 2500 lbs … and provides more ventilation than a solid deck.

For those who weren’t as concerned with ventilation then this would make a suitable and very strong choice.