Frame for Brooklyn Bedding's #bestmattressever?

Hi all,

I’m planning on pulling the trigger on the Brooklyn Bedding #bestmattressever this weekend and want to order an appropriate frame to go with it. I’m looking at these frames on Amazon but am not sure how to choose from these? I remember reading the article about foundations that I should look for the frame recommended by the mattress manufacturer. However I emailed Brooklyn Bedding and was told that the mattress works on “any” platform or slatted foundation. So how do I decide from these options? Any feedback is highly appreciated.

I looked at all those too. So, look forward to the answer. I’ll add the link above to the list.

Hi finnaeus and swrstock,

There is more information about the different types of support systems that are generally most suitable for different types of mattresses in post #1 here with a few examples of each of them.

A foam mattress will generally do best with a firm, flat, and evenly supportive surface that has minimal to no flex under the mattress and for larger sizes with at least one center support beam that has good support to the floor to prevent any sagging in the middle of the mattress. The components need to be strong and durable enough to support the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it over time without some of the parts bending, sagging, or breaking over time. The support surface under the mattress also needs to have enough surface area to prevent the foam in the mattress from sagging through any gaps or spaces in the support surface over time. I would also be cautious about any parts, joints, or connections that may develop a tendency to start rubbing against each other and/or squeaking over time that can’t be located and easily tightened (this is a typical complaint with many lower cost foundations and bedframes).

If you are looking at Amazon options I would especially take the time to read the critical reviews which can help identify whether there are any potential issues with the design or construction of the bedframe/foundation.


These two foundations both have flexible slats that are designed to flex under the mattress along with plastic slat holders that can break and I would also be skeptical about their overall strength and durability along with the strength of the metal frame and legs. I would avoid both of these.

This one has non flexing slats that are close enough together that there wouldn’t be an issue with the spaces between them. I suspect that the slats are fairly thin and probably less than 3/4" thick and thinner slats can bend and break more easily. They also appear to be using the same listing to sell at least two different bedframes so one of them may be more durable and sturdy than the other. This one may also have some issues with weaker slats breaking or cracking, plastic slat holders breaking, or the legs bending.

This one has a wire grid surface so the support surface area isn’t as large as the support systems that have slat foundations so there would be some risk of the mattress sagging into the gaps between the wires over time. The distance between the longitudinal wires is also larger than other similar platform bedframes that would provide a more supportive surface and smaller gaps under the mattress. This would be a bigger issue with a latex support core but it could also have some effect on polyfoam support cores over time as well. Given the price it’s also not surprising that there are a fairly large number of critical reviews that talk about the frame or legs bending and that indicate that the quality and strength of the steel and the foundation itself isn’t as high as it could be and there are also a percentage of them that appear to develop squeaking issues over time that may be difficult to locate and solve.

My comments here would be similar to the comments about the Euro Smart platform bedframe that you linked that has non flexing slats. The distance between the slats appears to be suitable for a foam mattress and it has a center beam that is supported to the floor. This one doesn’t have plastic slat attachments that could be subject to breaking and they rest on the side rails and center support beam.

While none of these are in a budget range that it would be reasonable to expect that you are purchasing a high quality support system so there will be some “luck of the draw” involved … out of the ones you linked I would probably lean towards the Deluxe Faux Leather Platform Bed or alternatively the Euro Smart Base/Wooden Slats Mattress Foundation.


Thank you so much for your insightful reply! Shopping for a quality bedframe and mattress are both firsts for me since most of what I have slept on has been handed down from others and I am just moving out on my own. Your knowledge about these things down to the smallest details like the distance between the slats and wires is incredible and I respect it so much!

It sounds like the frames I found on Amazon are of questionable quality due to one factor or another — are there alternative frames on Amazon that you would recommend that are of higher quality? If so, would you please post the links to them? I’d prefer to purchase on Amazon if possible simply for convenience; budget wise I’d like to stay under $300 if possible.

I value your opinion.

Thank you

Hi finnaeus,

The Deluxe Faux Leather Platform Bed that swrstock linked would probably be a reasonable choice if the slats aren’t too thin or “bendy”.

Unfortunately the listings on Amazon and the many other online venues change too frequently for any single person to keep up with them or keep a list up to date in a constantly changing market so other than the suggestions in the foundation post I linked I can only provide the guidelines I would suggest looking for to help you narrow down your options and with “how” to choose and assess whether a support system would be suitable for your mattress.

Some of the wire grid platform foundations that have a stronger design and smaller “gaps” in between the wires could be suitable suitable choices (see post #10 here for more about wire grid platform/foundations) and some of the KD foundations that use 1x3 slats that aren’t more than 5" apart (closer to 3" would be better yet) would also be a suitable choice although they will also need a bedframe to use under them which would add to the cost.

If you are only considering Amazon then a search on terms like KD mattress foundation or on mattress platform bedframe will bring up many of the options they have available.


Hi Phoenix,

Thanks again for your reply. I actually did not post the faux leather platform bed-that was another user.

I appreciate your advice on how to choose a base/foundation but I am actually looking for recommendations for a stand-alone bed frame with slats that would be appropriate for the best mattress ever. My apologies for not being more specific. Hopefully other owners of the BME can share what their current setup is.

I pulled the trigger on a queen medium firm last night and will certainly follow up with feedback!

Thanks again!

Hi finnaeus,

Oops … I didn’t notice that the faux leather platform bed was added by a different poster … I’ve edited my previous replies :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new mattress … as you know I think you made a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you receive it.

The same guidelines I mentioned in my earlier replies would apply to either a standalone platform bedframe that is used directly under a mattress or a foundation that is used on a separate bedframe.


Thank you!

Brooklyn bedding emailed me and they recommend this foundation (which does require a separate bed frame) for the BME

Ii know it is made of steel rather than the recommended wooden slats that are less than 3 inches apart but because the BME is poly foam in the support core this should be fine right?

Hi finnaeus,

3" gaps (or less) is what I would suggest for an all latex mattress. For a mattress that has a polyfoam support core the slats or the wire grid spacing can be wider.

It would certainly be suitable choice for your mattress with an appropriate bedframe underneath it.


any thoughts on these as an alternative? Trying to save some money if possible after splurging on the mattress.

Hi finnaeus,

The Signature Sleep foundation you linked would be a suitable choice and is very similar to the Simple Life foundation.

I don’t know the distance between the slats in the Modern Sleep foundation and the replies to the question about the distance between the slats in the Q&A section on the Walmart site are all over the map (ranging from 2" to 6"). Based on a quick calculation using 12 slats (which would include the end pieces of the frame) and a slat width of 2.5" (which is the normal finished size of a 1x3) the distance would average about 4.75" which would be “just OK” if you are using 5" as a maximum guideline but would probably be a little more than I would be completely comfortable with.

Both of these are foundations and would need a bedframe underneath them.


I thought I would give an update as to what’s going on over at this end. Last week we went up to a local Haverty’s since my wife heard of them. We found a bed up there that she(I mean We) liked. We settled on that which was very well made. While there she said the bed won’t really go with the rest of the bedroom set that I had since Travolta had hair so we ordered the whole set. We get home and she looks at the rug that we’ve had since 1997 and that’s on the way out too. We’ll replace it with tiles which will be put down on 8/28. The mattress was sent out and will be here on 8/21/15. Once all this is done and i’m done kissing the dead presidents goodbye then I can give an opinion on the mattress. From what i’m reading i’m not worried. Oh I had to order a Bunkie board for the bed since the slats were wider than 3 inches. It’ll be fine

Hi ronfla,

It sounds like you’re all set for the arrival of your new mattress. Thanks for the update.


I’m in the same situation right now as ronfla was: I decided to go for BB BME, and I need to choose a frame/foundation.
The thing is that I’m expecting to move soon (month or two) so I want to buy the minimum needed for supporting the mattress (I cannot withhold buying the mattress after I move because my current one is killing my back).

Phoenix, I’ve read in a different thread that you recommended the following foundation: Queen Wood Foundation, Wood Foundations
My questions are:

  1. Will it be ok if for the first month or two I will not use a frame? putting the foundation on the floor and putting the mattress on it - will this damage the mattress?

  2. Can you give an example of a recommended bed frame for this foundation?

  3. Are there fabric covers for wooden foundations?

  4. what do you think about this frame+foundation for the BB BME as a temp solution for the first few months? I read you mentioned that grid foundations are not recommended for FULL latex mattresses. as BB BME is not full latex - will this foundation function well with the mattress?
    Robot or human?

Most importantly - thank you for the massive amount of knowledge on this site! that helped me to come to a decision regarding a mattress.

Hi morpheus1234,

It would be fine for the short term and won’t damage the mattress but I would also follow some of the suggestions mentioned in post #106 here.

There is more information about choosing a bedframe and some examples that would all make a suitable choice in post #10 here.

In most cases yes and the one you linked does have a cover.


Our new bedroom set finally arrived this past Friday 8/28/15. The mattress had arrived a few days before in a rather small box, small compared to the King mattress that was in the box.
There were 2 guys working the delivery and when they asked me where the mattress was I pointed to the box and one guy had no idea what to say. I told him we’ll see this in action later. He also told me him and his wife were looking in to a new mattress since she has back issues so this had his interest. Once everything was set up it was time to release the monster so we opened the box and pulled the plastic wrapped mattress out. Once we began opening the plastic being careful not to use a utility knife and other sharp objects the mattress started to expand so we worked fast and got it unpacked. Once out we put it on the bed and it looked like a twin mattress. needless to say there were 4 confused and interested people looking on. In a matter of minutes the things expanded which was real interesting to see. I would say it too about 20 minutes maybe to expand about 80%. The guys whose wife has the back issues asked me more about the mattress so I gave him the link to Brooklyn Bedding and the link to this site telling him to look here first since the amount of info he can gather here is priceless. The other guy also wanted the links. all in all this was well worth the effort and I thank everyone. Now to the opinions of the mattress, my wife says it feels like laying on a cloud. this is our first foam mattress and it sits high on the new bed so this is a new experience. the mattress feels like it conforms to the body which is nice. This will be the third night on it but so far i’m sure we’ll like it a lot.

Hi ronfla,

Thanks for the initial update and feedback … I appreciate it :).

The delivery people probably appreciate the information and first hand experience you shared with them as well.

It’s good to hear that your mattress seems to be a good match for both of you.


I have a question if you don’t mind. Mario at BB sent us 2 Latex pillows but they’re very firm which I find hard to use. Would anyone have any experience with medium latex / foam pillows in King size. I’m looking for a few suggestions if possible. I found a few on Amazon. It seems that conventional pillows tend to bunch up on one side so i’m looking around.

Hi ronfla,

Pillows are a very personal choice and different people will have very different pillow preferences (or different opinions about what they perceive as firm and soft) so I don’t have any specific suggestions but some of the information in the pillow topic here and the posts it links to may be helpful.

If you or someone you know is good at sewing it may also be worth opening up your pillow and removing some of the shredded latex inside to make the pillow softer.


I thought about that!