golden mattress company in dallas

Hi richardb,

A mattress is only as good as the its construction and the materials it is made of. I personally don’t recommend any “brand” … including Golden, because the label on a mattress is not as important as the materials and construction that is in it.

The only “recommendations” I make are the members of this site which are listed here and even here it is important to know the details of what is in a mattress you are considering so you can make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses. These and other smaller manufacturers and sleep shops across the country have the knowledge to provide you with meaningful information about the mattresses they sell and tend to focus on helping you make better choices that put your best interests above their own rather than selling you whatever they can for the sake of their profit margins or commissions.

Having said that … there are many manufacturers that make some good quality and value mattresses that are not members here and one of these is Golden. To find these specific mattresses (on a mattress by mattress basis) … you would need to deal with a retailer (Golden is a wholesaler only) that is able to provide you with the details of every layer in the mattress so you can determine the quality of the materials and that also has a price and provides the kind of service that is comparable to other similar mattresses and retailers in an “apples to apples” comparison.

You can see some of my thoughts about mattress reviews in post #4 here.

Overall … I encourage people to always make meaningful comparisons based on the materials in a mattress and on the knowledge, service, transparency, and value of the retailer that sells them rather then paying attention to the brand label on a mattress.