Green Sleep Mattress - Molena - pretty impressed

Hi tekila1,

This thread has some comments about the similar Saluna which may be of interest to you.

If you are comparing this to the “typical” latex mattresses in most stores then it certainly would be no comparison. Many mattresses that are sold as latex in many of the more heavily advertised stores may only have thin layers of latex in them. There are other similar innerspring/latex hybrids but they are not typically sold in most stores but in specialty sleep shops.

I’ll add a few other comments and hopefully some others that have purchased this mattress will comment as well …

Bear in mind that the latex and the wool that GreenSleep uses is not organic but they are 100% natural. The lack of organic certification though has nothing to do with the quality of either and both are very high quality materials … just not organic for those where this may be important.

I would also bear in mind that in most cases these are sold with one of their flexible bases (the S200 or the S300) and the feel and performance of the mattress will be quite different if they are used on a solid base. If you tested this in the store on one of the flexible bases … then you would need to buy the two together to have the same performance and feel which would add significantly to the cost. If you are considering the mattress only (which it seems you are based on the price you quoted) … make sure you test it on a firm non flexing base so that if you purchase the mattress only it feels and performs the same as it did in the store.