Hampton Inn Bed

Hi gunship,

There are only 3 ways to “match” another mattress in terms of either 'feel" or quality (see post #2 here) and because Serta doesn’t provide any meaningful information about the materials in their mattresses the only way that would be possible would be with side to side testing with another mattress in a store so you could tell which ones felt similar to you.

I’m not so sure that I would even want to try though because no matter how a mattress feels and performs in a store … if they use low quality materials such as those that Serta uses then the feel and performance of the mattress won’t last and the foam softening that goes with lower quality materials and the loss of comfort and support that goes with it is not covered by a warranty even though it’s the reason that most people people need to replace a mattress.

You can read a bit more about the Cloud 9 in post #2 here.

The first place I would start when you are looking for a new mattress is post #1 here and the information it links to. This will help you avoid most of the worst choices such as the major brands (including Serta) and any mattress where you are not able to find out any meaningful information about the quality of the materials that are in it. As you will see … finding a good quality and value mattress usually involves a completely different way to shop from the way that most people are used to.

There are not a lot of great options that are close to you unfortunately.

The closest forum lists to you are the Middletown, NY list in post #2 here and the Westchester County, NY list in post #4 here and the Hackettstown, NJ list in post #4 here.

I took a look around the West Milford, NJ area and the only additional possibilities that I could see that were closer to you (within about 30 miles or so) with the manufacturers they carry that I would consider on a mattress by mattress basis (subject to the guidelines here) include …

Mattresses, Furniture in Parsippany, Rockaway Township and Morristown NJ | Bedding shoppe Parsippany, NJ. Carries Gold Bond (including 2 sided) and mLily and told me he would find out the specs from the factory if they will provide it.

http://www.sunrisemattress.com/ Lodi, NJ Spring Time Bedding

http://info.ikea-usa.com Paramus, NJ. See post #3 here for some of the better value here.

The better options further west of you (within about 100 miles of Blakeslee, PA) are in post #4 here, for the New York city region is in post #2 here (and there is also a more categorized list that includes more details about some of them in the Monroe/Newark, NJ list in post #7 here) and for the South Connecticut area is listed in post #2 here.

You are in the middle of some good choices but unfortunately the better ones are all somewhat of a drive. I would talk to the ones that are closest to you and then visit the ones that you are most comfortable with and of course that are open and transparent about their mattresses.