Hampton Inn Serta Cloud Nine Substitute?

Hi lora,

If you’ve read the basic information “over and over” you have probably spent more time than you really need. Reading it once or twice like you would like you would “read a good book” will give you more than enough information to recognize the better and more knowledgeable retailers.

I also know or have talked to many people that have an argument against innersprings or pocket coils but none of them have a “good” argument. The type of support component in a mattress is a matter of preference and some of the most knowledgeable people I know in the industry that could sleep on anything they choose prefer an innerspring (with high quality comfort layers … often latex) over anything else. Pocket coils are also more likely to be suitable for side sleepers than other types of coils (although this would depend on the specifics of the person and the mattress construction) because they are more conforming than other types of coil because they act independently of each other. A pocket coil mattress can be as “comfortable” or as “pressure relieving” as anyone would need and this would depend on the type of pocket coil and on the padding that was above the innerspring. The support component of a mattress (innerspring or otherwise) is not generally the weak link of a mattress.

The most important part of durability and the useful life of a mattress is the quality of the layers above the innerspring. Your own personal testing will tell you more about whether a mattress is suitable for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and personal preferences) than anything else. As you are mentioning if the support components are too soft or the comfort layers are too thick/soft for your body type and sleeping positions then the risk of alignment issues (back aches) are higher. It’s generally more effective to choose a mattress that already has the combination of layers that you need because if you buy a mattress and a topper separately you will have to deal with two separate purchases that each have their own variables instead of just one. If you do decide to buy a mattress and a topper then it’s generally best to test the exact combination you plan to purchase in person. If you make a mistake in your mattress choice and the mattress is too firm then a topper can be a backup plan to add additional softness but it’s not as easy as “getting it right” with just a mattress without a topper.

[quote]2. Please help me to avoid the major manufacturers by giving me some names to research and try. My price is $1000.
3.I live in Vermont, this is a rural area and I know of no small sleep shops. If you do, please tell me of them. zipcode 05076
You have directed me to steps 1-3 in post one a couple of times, but I feel like I need some direction in even getting to steps 1-3.[/quote]

Post #4 here includes some of the better “possibilities” around the Burlington, VT area based on some earlier preliminary research and I spent the morning doing some preliminary research around the Topsham, VT area and the better options or possibilities that are closer to you along with the brands they carry that have higher odds of you being able to find out the materials in their mattresses includes …

http://www.heartofvermont.com/ Barre, VT. Barre, VT. Carries Royal-Pedic innerspring/natural fiber mattresses which are high quality mattresses but also carry premium prices.

http://www.greenmountainorganics.com/ St Johnsbury, VT. Savvy Rest component latex mattresses

http://www.loonrustics.com/ Lincoln, NH. Carries Savvy Rest component latex mattresses

http://mattressland.comcastbiz.net/ Berlin, Waterbury, VT. Symbol, Natura (may no longer carry Natura).

http://www.bridgmans.com/ Lebanon, NH. Gold Bond including 2 sided.

http://www.loonrustics.com/ Lincoln, NH. Carries Savvy Rest component latex mattresses

http://lovesbeddingandfurniture.com/contact.php Claremont, NH. Pure Talalay Bliss, King Koil XL. They understand the importance of knowing the materials in your mattress and Bobby is the “expert” here.

http://www.sunsetmattressfactory.com/index.htm Ossipee, NH. Independent factory direct manufacturer that makes some “old style” and good quality innerspring/cotton mattresses with working box springs that are good value.

http://www.godnicksfurniture.com/ Rutland, VT. Carries Pure Talalay Bliss and Gold Bond

I would call these first and ask if they have any mattresses that are similar to your criteria (a pocket spring mattress with good quality comfort layers) on their floor that you can test. A general description of what you are looking for would be a pocket coil mattress that used either latex, a microcoil, or 1.8 lb or better polyfoam (in a one sided mattress), or 1.5 lb polyfoam or better (in a two sided mattress) in the comfort layers above the innerspring. I would also let them know your budget range so that you have a good idea that what you are looking for is available in your budget. The manufacturer wouldn’t matter because it’s the quality of the construction and the materials that “makes” the mattress regardless of the brand.

Hope this helps.