hard Dunlop latex mattress for lower back pain

Thank you Phoenix.
I very much appreciate your help and answers about all our questions. This forum is the best when it comes to resources and help about mattresses.
The FoamOrder’s web site is very hard to navigate and searching for specific words didn’t bring up this sentence. I did see this page before, however I didn’t read it in a detail while I learned about Dunlop latex mostly here and some more on few other web sites.
Your explanation about Dunlop ILD’s post #2 here filled gaps in my understanding. I asked the question due to a fact that while I cleaned up my pictures, I discovered that the 28 ILD and 31 ILD mattresses were cut from one 6" thick mattress block. It looks like FoamOrder gets Dunlop mattresses cut from originally 9" thick mattress blocks; based on how the foam looks like. I didn’t get this confirmed though.
If you’d like to see a picture, I did cut out the portion of the label from the picture taken and repositioned it and rotated to see if is the label cut was matching perfectly. These two foams feel almost the same and actually the “dingy” 28 ILD mattress is the uncut outside of the original mattress block. This confirms the mattress is new and that it was mishandled while being cut; and therefore it looks ugly. We shouldn’t order almost the same ILD mattresses while we can’t tell the difference much.
I will post a reply upon our future mattress exchange to a softer ILD Dunlop mattress. The only option is 25 ILD. I don’t know what to do while we do not like Talalay latex due to its springiness.