Help for stomach sleeper...

Needed: a mattress as a birthday gift for my single 28 year old son. He is 6’2", weighs 205lbs, and tends to be a stomach sleeper. Yesterday we met him at Mattress Firm and bought a Lux Estate queen sized Stearns and Foster (to be delivered next week). When we came home, I looked up reviews for Stearns and Foster…they have terrible reviews! I am having buyer’s remorse, and while there is still time to cancel our purchase, I am seeking help here!!! My son lives in Atlanta, can you please advise?

Hi Ceilcook,

I’m glad you found us before it was too late to change your mind :slight_smile:

The first place I would start is post #1 here and the information and guidelines it links to which will help you eliminate most of the worst mattress choices (Stearns & Foster being one of them) and focus on the better ones.

The most important part of any mattress purchase is that you know the quality details of every layer of a mattress so you can avoid the “weak link” of lower quality foam in the upper layers of a mattress which will soften and degrade faster than the deeper layers and components. This is the primary reason for the bad reviews. Of course from a value perspective you are also in the budget range that should be using higher quality materials (that are disclosed rather than hidden).

Some of the better options and possibilities in the Atlanta area (again making sure that you know the quality details of every layer of a mattress no matter where you buy) are in post #2 here.


Which type of mattress is best for a predominately stomach sleeper. My son is 6’2" weighing 208.

Hi Ceilcook,

The overviews and the other more detailed pages in the mattresses section of the site that are mentioned in the post I linked earlier have some good generic information about the choices that would be most suitable for different sleeping positions and different body types as well as how different types of layering may affect your choices.

For example some ideas about different body types are here … about different sleeping positions are here, and some information about different types of layering and design that can affect these are in this section.

Stomach sleeping generally needs a thinner firmer comfort layer than other sleeping positions to help prevent sleeping in a 'swayback" position which can cause back issues. If someone sleeps in multiple positions … then “just enough” in terms of the softness and thickness of the comfort layers to relieve pressure in their other positions (side sleeping in particular) is generally better for alignment when they are sleeping on their stomach.

Personal testing at some of the better retailers and manufacturers that are local to you can help you with the specific type of layering which is “best” beyond the more generic guidelines that are linked because personal testing is always more accurate than any “theory at a distance” which is based more on averages than on the specific needs and preferences of any individual.

Once you have read the general information and ideas … then the next step is to visit some of the better manufacturers and retailers so you can turn “general” suggestions into the “specific” mattresses that are the best possible match and have the best quality and value in your budget range.