HELP!!! I can't find any threads about this bed/company!!

Hi deadblkroses,

This mattress is made by Zinus which owns the trademark for “real mattress in a box”. They are a Chinese manufacturer that uses mostly low / mid quality materials although they are CertiPur certified. They are most commonly sold under many brand names in big box stores and elsewhere. Whenever you see “green tea” you can assume the manufacturer is Zinus.

I would also read post #6 here about mattresses imported from Asia or China and which may have been compressed for long periods of time in either shipping or storage before being purchased and a forum search on Zinus (you can just click this) will bring up more information and feedback about some of their brands and mattresses.

If the specs are accurate … the memory foam in this mattress is mid quality (generally suitable for average weights but I would be hesitant with using 4 lb memory foam with higher weights in the range of 200 lbs or so) and the 2.0 lb polyfoam is a good quality material.

1.2 lb polyfoam on the other hand is a very low quality material and even though it’s underneath other foam layers which would absorb much of the compression forces of sleeping, it’s still high enough in the mattress that it would cause some concern for me in layers that were more than about an inch or so.

Hopefully you have tested this mattress carefully and objectively for PPP so you are confident that it’s a good match for your specific needs and preferences or have had a more extended conversation on the phone with a knowledgeable and experienced salesperson who can provide you with some good guidance about the suitability of this mattress (or you have checked the details and costs of the return policy if you haven’t) so you have some assurance that it’s a good fit or you have good options if it isn’t but even if it was a good “match” in terms of PPP the “weak link” of 1.75" of 1.2 lb polyoam perhaps in combination with the 4 lb memory foam and being sourced in China would make this somewhat of a risky purchase IMO.