Help identifying a tempur pedic model

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My husband and I really like the cloud prima. But we don’t have the money for it, and frankly I’m concerned about off-gassing with any memory foam mattress (i struggle with asthma and off-gassing tends to bother me, plus I am pregnant), so I would prefer to buy a used one that has done a lot of off-gassing already. We’re finding that a lot of sellers don’t know what model they have and can’t seem to find it on the mattress (puzzling but true). One seller found some markings on the mattress that may be interpretable to an expert, but not to us. I’ve attached some photos - do you have any idea what model this bed might be? When it was made? Or anything else?

One other person is selling a weightless select, but the research I’ve done suggests this is quite different from the cloud prima - would you agree?

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Personally, I would be very cautious about buying a used mattress that someone has returned for “unknown” reasons (such as a comfort return or warranty return). I would consider it to be a “buyer beware” purchase (see post #8 here).

There is more information about some of the things you can check for if you are considering buying a used mattress in post #2 here and if you are considering buying a mattress from a liquidator or clearance store that sells used or returned mattresses without a warranty then there is more here and here and here that I would read before considering your purchase.

Regarding off-gassing, in general all household materials contain Volatile Organic Compounds that off-gas. You can read more about VOCs here, and the Polyurethane Foam Association has some good information and links about this here. While all of these items off-gas, not all odors are VOCs, and not all VOCs have odors.

I understand being pregnant your concern for your indoor air quality, and in some cases your heightened sensitivity to odors. Realize that even an old mattress will still be off gassing, but the overall odor will probably be less noticeable than a new mattress.

Unfortunately, sad as it may be, very few people selling mattresses are properly educated about the products they offer. And if you’re specifically looking at used, products, I would expect even less product knowledge.

Unfortunately, these are numbers specific to Tempurpedic, either specific to the piece of foam or the actual completed mattress. These would be numbers used internally in order to track back the layer of foam, or in the case of the finished mattress, the model and the layers used and the date/time of manufacture. Tempurpedic doesn’t share this information, even with their retailers, in order to decipher what these numbers mean.

You are correct. The Weightless Select has a different configuration from the Cloud Prima. Here are some specifications I have listed for these items.

Cloud Prima:
Comfort Layers
1.2" Tempur-ES 4.1LB
2" Tempur Material 5.3LB
Support System
2.75" Poly foam Base 2.0LB
4.5" Poly foam Base 2.0LB
Firmness rating is “medium soft”

Tempur Weightless Select:
Removable, washable scrollwork super-stretch cover with embossed microsuede sides
FR Sock
Comfort Layers:
1.2″ TEMPUR-ES 4.1 lbs./ft density)
3″ TEMPUR-Float 3.8 lbs density
Support System
7" Tempur Support System 1.5 density
Single Airflow system


hey Phoenix where did you find the tempurpedic specs that you listed?

Hi Frrst,

These were some older specs that I had archived. While specifications for most mattresses like Tempurpedic are difficult to find, Jordan’s Furniture is an anomaly and they currently are listing current Tempurpedic specifications. I don’t know how long this will last, but they’ve been a source of good information for a few years.