Help in selecting a new mattress

Hi Janny,

Thanks for the update and for sharing your unfortunate experience.

While I do agree that having a matching foundation doesn’t affect the mattress (if the foundation is otherwise the same) and for most people wouldn’t be a significant issue … it’s also not what you ordered and it’s important for a retailer to deliver what they sell you and if this is what you purchased then it’s exactly what you should receive unless you agree otherwise.

While this won’t help in your case … it’s also a good idea to make sure that your original receipt specifies the model name or number you purchase and includes “no substitutions” and includes any other “assurances” you were given at the time of purchase such as “with exactly the same layers and components as the 4700 except the cover” and have them sign it. It sounds like you were given inaccurate information (intentionally or otherwise) and were told that the 4710 was the same as the 4700 and having this in writing would have given you a better basis for insisting on replacing the 4710 with a mattress that was the equivalent of the old 4700 or in the worst case receiving a refund because they can’t supply the mattress you ordered.

I hope your replacement has a matching foundation and I hope you have the chance to let us know how everything turns out.

I’ve added a link to your post and feedback beside their description in the Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo list so that others can benefit from your experience.

Thanks again.