I have read all of your very helpful, educational information. I live in Nashville and am looking for a place to buy. The only outlet I found was Mark’s Mattress. I’ve been buying from Mattress Firm. I have bought several mattresses and eventually they all get too soft: Tempurpedic, Serta, Simmons. Everything on your list that says AVOID. I have researched so much that I’m paralyzed and have company coming to an empty room (already gave the 3 year old mattress away.) Help! I want a firm, innerspring coils, 1 inch latex topping King size mattress.



Hi Roxanne,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum!:slight_smile:

I’m glad that you’ve taken the time to read through some of the forum and educate yourself about mattresses and their components. Thank you!

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in and around the Nashville area (subject to making sure that any mattress you are considering meets the quality/value guidelines here ) are listed in post #7 here . There are few more listed there than what you mentioned.

I’ll be interested in learning about your shopping experiences and any other questions that may arise.


Okay-- I am a believer in your website. Your formula worked! And to be honest, I was very discouraged and was about to give up and go to a Mattress Firm. However, I knew what I wanted because of your website and stayed the course by researching off the wall places in Nashville. One was Mattress by Appointment. Your advice, again, was spot on. I asked before going if he had what I was looking for, he was vague, I went anyway, and boom! It was a bust. I next tried Mark’s Mattress Outlet and found a jewel! I purchased a Kluft Latex Royal Sovereign innerspring king size mattress which normally sells only at Bloomingdales for $6,000-$12,000. I got mine for $1500 because of a little dirt smudge on the end. I also educated the two outlets about your website saying you were a proponent of outlets. Anyway, I cannot wait for my free delivery. It’s wonderful to be excited about a mattress and so excited that all of my anxiety is now put to rest–thanks to YOU. A big, hearty thank you! -Rox

Hi Roxanne,

I’m glad that you were able to use the information on the web site to make a purchase that you’re happy with. :cheer:

I need to clarify one of your statements here, specifically that I am a proponent of outlets.

In the link I provided you for the Nashville area, I specifically listed in my description for the store you visited: I would avoid the major brand and liquidation mattresses that they also carry.

Many stores that advertise themselves as “clearance” or “outlets” are often selling items that the manufacturer does not warranty, and while these stores can provide any story about where their products originated (”scratch and dent” is the most common description), you really have no idea of what the previous use was of this item.

There is more information about some of the things to check for if someone is considering buying a used mattress in post #2 here . If someone is considering buying a mattress from a liquidator or clearance store that sells used/returned/smudged/scratch and dent mattresses without a warranty then there is more here and here and here that I would have people read before considering a purchase.

Personally, I would be very cautious about buying a “damaged”, or a used mattress that someone has returned for “unknown” reasons (such as a comfort return or warranty return). I would consider it to be a “buyer beware” purchase (see post #8 here).

I’m glad that you are happy with your purchase and I hope that it provides you with many years of comfortable use!