How concerned about health effects from memory foam?

Hi BedHog,

I guess the “fresh scent” isn’t quite what it’s described to be.

I think that it’s important when you are choosing a memory foam topper or mattress for each person to decide on “how safe is safe enough” when it comes to memory foam. Some people are much more sensitive than others to both odor and any VOC’s that are released from different types of toppers and materials. My own “minimum” guidelines for any memory foam product is in post #10 here.

For most people … CertiPur certifcation or alternatively memory foam that is known to be made in North America is “safe enough” but for others they may choose to research more deeply or avoid memory foam completely either because of greater sensitivity or as a matter of belief or principle. I have personally experienced some of the “effects” of memory foam (from a topper bought from WalMart) and I can assure anyone that they are not pleasant (although they do go away within a few days of removing the “offending” product).

As a personal choice … I would also not use memory foam in close contact with babies or infants. (post #2 here has links to the better forum threads that discuss mattresses and children).

Each person may decide that a different level of research is more important to them but if you would like links that may take you further down the rabbit hole of the controversy about what is safe, natural, eco-friendly, and organic and the differences between all of these (they are not the same thing) then post #2 here and the information and resources it links to would be a good place to start.

At the very least I would be very cautious with the use of memory foam of any kind around young children or make sure it was CertiPur certified* as a bare minimum if you do choose to useit. At least Ecosleep is CertiPur certified.

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