Hybrid Mattresses and Foundation

I am interested in Luma Sleep’s hybrid mattresses (Hybrid Slumber and Natural Latex Hybrid) and I am wondering what is the main differences between them other than zoned vs non-zoned coils and HD NRG Foam vs Natural Latex layer?
Also, I am wondering what is the specification in terms of density and material for the HD NRG Foam and the reason for using it instead of natural latex? The reason I am asking is latex is a more durable material and I am kind of confused why the more expensive Hybrid Slumber mattress would use foam while the less expensive Natural Latex Hybrid uses natural latex at the same layer.
As for foundation, I am wondering is there any specific requirement to ensure the mattress will be long lasting and not sagging? I am an Ikea queen bed with slats (LURÖY Slatted bed base, Queen - IKEA) and I am wondering if that meets the mattress’s foundation requirements?

Hello StateWideBread,

Thanks for reaching out to Luma Sleep via The Mattress Underground.
To address your questions in order asked:

  1. Hybrid Slumber System differences from Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress - Zoned QE Coil system (vs. single zoned) 3" Latex Pillow Top (vs. 2"), 2 Classic Talalay latex pillows, Aller-Free Tencel mattress protector, Free in-home White Glove Delivery, 15-year warranty (vs. 10)
  2. The NRG response foam layer (3.7# density) is designed to be an energy absorption layer. The Zoned QE coil system is firmer than the single zoned coil Bolsa. The firmer coil system needs a transition layer between it and the 3" Latex Pillow Top.
  3. We have found IKEA products and components to be a commodity grade quality. We cannot gauge how well supported the center of the slats are on the picture provided. The reviews on it have very mixed experiences. We do not know what type of bed/frame you have for this slatted base so we are not in a position to evaluate it for fit/compatibility.

Hope this helps; thanks for considering Luma Sleep!

Team Luma

Hi Luma Sleep:

Thank you for the detailed reply. I just have the following additional questions:

  • For the Luma mattress, is it also eligible for the free comfort exchange? It doesn’t look like Luma mattress has the same exchangeable top layer as Hybrid Slumber or Natural Latex Hybrid. If Luma mattress does have free comfort exchange, how can the top layer be swapped out?

  • What is the difference between in-home white glove delivery and normal deliver? I assume the mattress comes compressed in a box so the difference will be someone take the box into my home and unpack in the room I want versus the box left at front door?


Hello SWB,

Luma’s free comfort exchange applies to mattress systems with a separate pillow top.
The Luma Mattress does not have a pillow top and as a result, does not qualify for a free comfort exchange. The post-purchase options for a Luma Mattress are to add a 2" topper which will upgrade it to a Hybrid Mattress, or return it for a refund, which is the option for most other bed-in-a-box products sold online.
White-Glove delivery is scheduled in-home delivery to room of choice, set-up of mattress system and removal of packaging debris. It is free for Luma’s Slumber Systems and an upgrade for Luma’s Mattresses. Luma Mattresses are delivered for free via FedEx to your residence.

Thanks again for your consideration,

Team Luma

Hi Luma Sleep,

Thank you for the detailed reply. I am wondering what is the cost of adding a 2" topper for Luma mattress? And will I be provided instructions on how to do it myself?

Also, taking away old mattress is not included right?