Hi jovan,

There is more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more meaningful comparisons between mattresses but only you can decide on which one is “better for you” (regardless of whether your choice would be better value for anyone else). I can only help with “how” to choose … not “what” to choose.

The Dreamfoam is a latex/polyfoam hybrid that uses Talalay latex in the 3" comfort layer. They have different firmness levels available so you can talk with them and choose the custom firmness level that would have the best chance of being a suitable match for your body type, sleeping positions, and preferences (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).

The price of the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams (queen) is $611 if you order through Amazon and Amazon fulfills the order and you would be covered by the Amazon large items return policy (see post #11 here).

The price would be $599 if you order through Amazon and your order is fulfilled by Dreamfoam. Your mattress forum membership here would also entitle you to their pillow bonus. There are no returns.

The price would be $539.10 if you order through the Dreamfoam site (they have a 10% discount currently which would replace the pillow bonus) and you would also have the benefit of their 45 day comfort guarantee.

The Myrbacka that you linked is a memory foam mattress but they also have a latex version (see here) which uses synthetic continuous pour Dunlop latex in the comfort layer. This is also a good quality and durable material but it’s also a lower cost version of latex than the blended Talalay latex that is in the Ultimate Dreams.

It only has one firmness option so one of the biggest parts of the value of this mattress would be whether it was a suitable match for you in terms of PPP based on some careful testing of the mattress.

There is also more about the difference between how Dunlop and Talalay “feel” in post #7 here that may help you decide on which type of latex you may prefer.

Neither one of these mattresses has any weak links in their design in terms of durability.

[quote]Second Option: I really don’t want to wait, and I don’t plan to do it, but if you tell me that the morgongava is the BEST mattress ever for the price then I may wait 2 months and save $500 more. But only if you tell me that is really worth it and is the best deal EVER. This is 85% natural latex but what I don’t like is thickness (less than 8")

No … I don’t think that the Morgongava is the “best deal ever” for the price but of course the value of any mattress is always relative to each person’s criteria and the other mattresses you are comparing it to based on your testing for suitability (or making sure that you are comfortable with any return or exchange policies and the options you have after a purchase if you can’t test a mattress in person), checking the quality of the materials in a mattress to make sure there are no lower quality materials or weak links in the design, and then making meaningful comparisons with other mattresses based on all the other parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

Posts #3 and #4 here include some links to some of the lower budget online latex and latex hybrid mattresses that I’m aware of.

Once you have eliminated all the choices that don’t meet your criteria in terms of suitability, durability, and value … and you are down to finalists that are choices between “good and good” that you have either tested in person (if they are local) or have had a more detailed conversation on the phone to help “talk you through” your firmness choice (if they are online) and are comfortable with all the return and exchange options with each choice … then if there are no clear winners between them you would be in the fortunate position that any of them would likely be a suitable choice and deciding on your final choice (see post #2 here) will really be a matter of “best judgement” based on all the objective, subjective, and intangible parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.