In need of a new Mattress

Hi Basil,

There isn’t a specific forum list for the Cambridge, OH area but the better options or possibilities I’m aware of (subject to the “value” guidelines I linked in my last reply) are in the the list that covers the area in and around Columbus, OH in post #2 here. Some of the Amish manufacturers would probably be well worth a visit.

Given your budget restraints … it would be a reasonable compromise yes because the density of the base layer is “close” to the minimum density I would suggest for your higher weight and it uses high quality materials in the upper layers which are usually the weakest link of a mattress. It would be a more durable choice than most of the other options you have in your budget range.

I don’t keep a list of the specifics of all the mattresses that are mentioned on the site (it would be more than anyone could keep up with in a constantly changing market) so I can help you narrow down your choices but choosing a mattress that meets the general durability criteria that you would do best with along with your preferences for different materials would be part of the research that you would need to do.

I can’t speak to whether any of them would be a good choice for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) or which type of material or type of mattress you prefer to sleep on … and if you can’t test a mattress in person then a knowledgeable and experienced online retailer or manufacturer that has your best interests at heart will be your best source of guidance about the suitability of the options they have available. In terms of the quality and durability of the materials … off the top of my head (and I may be missing some) a few of the lower budget mattresses that are in the posts I linked that do meet the minimum foam quality/density guidelines I suggested and are either in or just above your budget range (assuming you are looking for a queen size) include …

Dreamfoam 12 in 1 customizable which uses 2 lb polyfoam for all three layers. My caution here would be about the suitability of having a soft layer somewhere in the mix at your weight not about the durability of the materials.

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex which has a 100% natural Dunlop comfort layer which has the option to choose different firmness levels and uses a 2 lb base foam but it’s above your $600 budget even with the additional 10% discount that goes with ordering from their site.

Christeli Stockholm This only has 2" of 5.3 lb memory foam which may not be enough to provide good comfort/pressure relief (again you would need to talk with them) and I would also confirm the density of the base layer which may be a lower density than their other mattresses and isn’t listed on the site.

Christeli Versailles This has 3" of 5.3 lb memory foam which would be a little better but again you would need to talk with them about the suitability of this mattress. It would be similar to the Tempurpedic Contour Supreme which you could test locally. It uses a 2 lb base layer.

Ikea Myrbacka This uses synthetic latex over a 2.2 lb polyfoam base but I would make sure you test this carefully to make sure it’s a suitable “match” for you because they don’t have a return policy and if you need to exchange it there may not be another mattress that is suitable to exchange for.

SleepEZ Roma which is a latex mattress (quilted with polyfoam) that has a different firmness level on each side so you would have the choice of a softer or a firmer mattress but it wold also be a little above your budget range even with the additional 5% discount for your membership here.

Arizona Premium’s Latex/polyfoam hybrids here and here and here. I would make sure you confirm the density of the base layer for the one that don’t include it in the description. All of these use 100% natural Dunlop in the comfort layer and the two that list the deisnty use a 2 lb polyfoam core. These are also a little above your budget range even with the additional 5% discount for your membership here and they also have some additional shipping costs.


ADDED: I took a quick look around the Cambridge, OH area and the better options or possibilities I could see in the area and the manufacturers they carry that I would focus on (subject to making sure you can find out the specifics of the materials and components in their mattresses) include … Cambridge, OH. Imperial Bedding Byesville, OH. Restonic, Imperial Zanesville, OH. Dormeo South Zanesville, OH. Restonic

Mattress Warehouse New Philadelphia, Marietta, OH. Dormeo

Rainbow Bedding Sugar Creek, OH. Local factory direct manufacturer. They make high quality innerspring mattresses of various types including latex with good value. They are in Amish country and don’t have a website but would well be worth investigating based on a long conversation I had with them about their mattresses. See this thread for some feedback and the attachment in post #3 here for more specific details about their mattresses.

Upland Industries Phone 330-852-2113 Sugarcreek, OH. Local manufacturer also in Amish country. Another small manufacturer that I have had a long conversation with that has no web presence and who makes mostly innerspring and polyfoam cores with various materials on top including latex. They only sell through retailers however a phone call will give you an outlet that carries them Heath, OH. Paramount. Heath, OH. Regional factory direct manufacturer that makes a range of mattresses including memory foam, a latex hybrid, and traditional innersprings (including two sided) that use good quality materials and have some good value. Vienna, WV. Savvy Rest (component latex mattress), Englander, Dutch Craft, King Koil and White Dove