In search of latex mattress manufacturers/wholesalers in VA, NC, MD

Hi nsh4t,

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Just in case you haven’t read it yet I would make sure that you’ve read the mattress shopping tutorial here which includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choice , and know how and why to avoid the worst ones.

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the areas around Charlottesville/Lynchburg/Waynesboro, VA (subject to making sure that any specific mattress you are considering meets the quality/value guidelines in post #13 here) are listed in post #3 here.

There is also a list for the Richmond area in post #5 here and for the Roanoke/Christianburg areas in post #5 here and for the Feredericksburg area is in post #9 here and for the Washington, DC/Northern Virginia area is in post #2 here.

Hopefully that will cover the areas you are looking for but if not if you let me know a specific city or zip code I’d be happy to link you to the closest forum lists for other areas as well.