Is Select Foam legit or not???

So after another round of testing in stores, I had several people analyze my spinal alignment in all my sleeping positions and the Cloud Luxe is the only one that properly supports me. I am looking for whatever mattress performs as close as possible to the Cloud Luxe (for my back/hips that cause me to wake up crooked).

I have decided that the Select Foam Cirrus Luxe is my best match based upon their construction of layers and their supposed testing (The Ultimate Dreams 13 and Cool Luxe are not similar to the Cloud Luxe in layer construction at all, and speaking with them did not give me any confidence that performance would be the same as the Cloud Luxe).

Now that I am seriously considering Select Foam, I am getting very hesitant based upon a few things.

  1. They have a poor reputation around here for their lack of customer service. I keep reading that it is like pulling teeth to get them to respond to a service call or sometimes even a sales call

2)Their website is very inconsistent. Is it a 10 year warranty…a 20 year warranty…a Lifetime warranty. Who knows? I have seen all three mentioned throughout the site. Is it a 1" sag or a 3/4" sag? I have seen these listed all throughout the site. This is not instilling confidence in me that a warranty issue would be honored.

3)Are they CertiPUR certified? I can’t find any info on their site and the CertiPUR site does not list them. Phoenix wrote in the rules to mattress buying, Rule #1:

However Phoenix endorses them whole-heartedly as a member of the site which I don’t understand based upon what was just stated.

I realize points 1 and 2 have been batted around a little bit in the forums, and nothing seems to have improved with those two, which is disheartening and may cause me not to purchase from them. If they are not in fact selling CertiPUR components, then I will definitely not buy from them.

I really want to purchase the Cirrus Luxe but I am having huge doubts that they will take care of their customers based upon what everyone else is relaying. I don’t want to spend a significant amount of money and then get the run-around from them if there is a service issue. Will they take care of you? Do they use toxic foam?

They tout “Soy based - only all natural materials for a chemical free sleep”. On the topic of eco-friendly foams, Phoenix has said that usually the most a foam will be plant based is actually 10%, and the highest plant based percentage that keeps the foam qualities desirable is 25%. Phoenix also states the following:

How can it be “only all natural materials”? Is this an outright lie, or has foam engineering advanced at a rate which allows “only all natural materials”?

As a postscript, I am very frustrated because I have spent at least a few dozen hours trying to find a bed that can fit me, considering my conditions, but I keep running into dead ends. Now I believe I have found the right bed, only to find out that the company might be a problem. I would love if they turn out to be a great company that takes care of customers and uses US certified non-toxic foam, because that means I could finally get a bed! I will head to the bedroom tonight optimistic…

Hi vmvsqd7,

Rather than dealing with all your points one by one (they have all been answered on the forum on several occasions and you appear to have read the replies) a phone call would clarify all of them if you have doubts and I would just suggest that you talk with them rather than going by other people’s speculation so you can make up your own mind based on your own experience. I would also question why you are saying “nothing has improved” when most of the issues … whether they were directly connected with Select foam or their suppliers … have been resolved although they have a way to go to revamp their website.

Just as an example you can read about the warranty here.

As you know I believe that along with the other members here they are among the best quality/value available and I think that if you take the time to talk with them you will find that much of what has been written is not accurate and in many cases (although not all) there has been more to the “story” than what was posted in some of the forum posts here. In some cases the posts here have completely misrepresented the circumstances and much of the story was left out. I would even go so far as to say that I would question whether some of them had an agenda based on information I am aware of (I usually check the circumstances behind “complaints” on the forum about the members).

You can read more about plant based foams in post #2 here but the highest plant based polyol replacement I’m aware of is in the range of 50%. If the polyol / isocyanate ratio was 1-1 (which it rarely is) then the total plant based ingredients would be 25%. They are certainly a step in the right direction but there is a long way to go.

I don’t know who “everyone else” is but the simple truth is that they have many happy customers and yes … they will take care of you and no … they don’t sell “toxic foam”. Of course each person is free to deal with any retailer or manufacturer they are comfortable with and if for some reason you are not comfortable dealing with them based on your own personal experience then of course I would look elsewhere.

So to answer the question in your heading … they are certainly not perfect and they would be the first to recognize that they have things they can continue to improve but they are head and shoulders above the majority of the industry and yes they are legit and have been for 8 years.


I have ordered a Cirrus Cloud Luxe from Select Foam, and hope to be getting it within the week. Once it arrives and is set up I will let you know how everything went. So far, I’ve been treated very well by their customer rep I’ve been dealing with, Peter. So, I’ll keep you posted.

Hi Milennor,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you have the chance to sleep on it.