katy wholesale - something to consider?

Hi brass,

This would be a very risky assumption if the 5 lb density was the filled density rather than the polymer density. If the polymer density (the density of the memory foam before any fillers are added) of a 5 lb memory foam was 3 lbs or even less then in some cases you could be looking at a useful lifetime that was measured in months or a year or two depending on the other variables that affect the useful life of a mattress and where you are inside your ideal range of comfort and support. If you are on the edge of choosing a mattress that is too soft then it may not take much time for foam softening to put you outside the range of comfort or support that is suitable for you and even though the mattress materials haven’t failed or broken down … you may need to replace the mattress. The kind of math you are suggesting is rarely accurate in real life.

I’m not clear on your budget range because you’ve mentioned a few but if I was in your shoes and looking at an online purchase in any budget range then I would be concentrating either the online list of memory foam suppliers in post #12 here or the list of members of the site that sell online here that includes a very wide range of mattresses including innersprings, latex, memory foam, polyfoam, and hybrids from the lowest budget ranges of a few hundred dollars up to more premium mattresses that are in the thousands.

Futons have also evolved a great deal from what you remember and they now use all the different types of materials that are also found in mattresses and range from very soft to very firm. There is a list of futon manufacturers in post #2 here that make or sell a very wide variety of futons and you may be surprised at the type of futons that are now available.

I would compare a low quality/durability memory foam mattress to better and more durable options in the same budget range rather than less durable options like the major brands. If you look here you can see an example of the quality of the material that is used in some of the lower end (and even higher end) Simmons mattresses and they are so low that it’s not difficult to do better with almost anything and I would use much better quality mattresses as a reference point for comparison.