KD Foundation Placement w/Sleep EZ 13000 Eastern King

Hi phxchris,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

As you know you are certainly making a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback once you’ve received it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.

I don’t fully trust any online configuration tools and I would strongly suggest a phone conversation with SleepEZ just to confirm the options that you came up with using the tool.

Their foundation is certainly a great choice for an all latex mattress as well.

I’m not familiar with the Noresund bedframe but you can see some guidelines that I would suggest for bedframes in post #10 here.

The foundation should be fine directly on the floor but it would also make the mattress more difficult to shift or move or to clean underneath it (which may lead to dust collecting inside the foundation) and it can also lead to some stubbed toes on occasion (especially when you are getting into bed when it’s dark … coming from the voice of experience :)). It may also lead to a little bit lower sleeping surface than you are comfortable with.