Kids Mattress

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I know you said you’ve already decided upon some sort of a latex product, but just for others reading this topic, one of the most important issues for most parents is that their child’s mattress uses “safe” materials. There is also a lot more information in post #2 here and the more detailed posts and information it links to about safe, natural, organic, “chemical free”, and “green” mattresses and mattress materials that can help you sort through some of the marketing information and terminology that you will encounter in the industry and can help you differentiate between them and answer “how safe is safe enough for me” and that can help you decide on the type of materials and components you are most comfortable having in your child’s mattress and help you answer “how safe is safe enough for me”. These types of issues are complex and are generally specific to each person and their individual sensitivities, circumstances, criteria, beliefs, and lifestyle choices.

While overall there can be a bit more breathability within the core of the mattress when using an innerspring, you still may wish to consider something like a coir bed rug underneath any mattress for increased air circulation, as you are placing this mattress upon a solid surface.

I’m assuming you’re using a twin sized mattress. The dimensions quoted for the Pure Echo of 38" x 74" are standard for a twin, and these dimension typically vary +/- 1". It is normal for platform beds to leave approximately 1" of a gap around the perimeter of a mattress to allow for the tucking in of sheets and a comforter. It’s not necessarily the same as crib mattresses, where the mattress fits very snugly to keep an infant from getting trapped between the side and the mattress.

While I try my best to keep up with current offerings, it’s unfortunately not possible for me to maintain a listing of the items that each retailer maintains in every area, as retailers are constantly changing their lineups. Sorry about that. Perhaps some more local members of this site may have some suggestions regarding your specific request of natural options.

However, subject to confirming that any retailer or manufacturer on the list you wish to deal with is completely transparent about the materials and components in their mattresses (see this article) and to making sure that any mattress you are considering meets your criteria and the quality/value guidelines here … the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in and around the Columbus, OH area are listed in post #2 here. Some of the other forum lists that are a little farther away include the Cincinnati, OH list here and the Dayton, OH list here.

If you can’t find anything closer to home and decide to expand your search online (you’ll find more options online for what you’re trying to find), here is a list of some of the better options of which I am currently aware for online choices.

I look forward to learning about what you decided to purchase. :slight_smile: