King Size Latex Mattress Value and Compatibility with Adjustable Platforms

Hi Streetr,

As you probably know … Brooklyn Bedding which manufactures the Ultimate Dreams is a member of this site which means that I believe they are among the “best of the best” manufacturers in the country in terms of value and quality. Members here also receive a free pillow as a bonus if you let them know you are a member of this forum.

The Overstock mattress you linked is lower quality and made by Boyd and you can see the 933 model here on their website. It only has 2" of Dunlop latex (Dunlop is firmer than Talalay for most people in the same ILD when it is in the comfort layer) and there is no ability to customize the comfort layer. Boyd also insists on calling some of their polyfoam “engineered latex” when it isn’t latex at all which I find misleading. It is polyfoam which has been “engineered” to feel somewhat like latex. They also source their materials in China (for some that is a factor in their purchase decision and I would read post #6 here as well). Overall it is a lower quality mattress and doesn’t have the same value as the Ultimate Dreams (although it may still be a more attractive option than more mainstream choices). A forum search on “Ultimate Dreams” will bring up more information and feedback about them.

To some degree the Ultimate dreams can be customized for your body type because you can choose the firmness of the Talalay latex comfort layer.

Parklane is also a member of this site and makes very high quality and value mattresses. If you can get a PLB all latex mattress in a King Size though, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it (assuming you have tested it for suitability in terms of pressure relief, posture and alignment, and personal preferences). This is far below its regular selling price. Which of their models do you have the ability to buy for this price?